Nail art design done with toothpick

18 Easy Nail Art Designs to do with a Toothpick

Who needs all that fancy manicure kits and tools when you can create fabulous and easy nail art designs with a toothpick? Stick to this Buzzle post as it gives you 18 easy-peasy designs to try from the comfort of your home.
Be gone, nail ridges
Never, ever buff nails to remove the ridges as it will make the nail bed thinner and sensitive. Instead, apply ridge filling base coat (available with popular nail polish brands) to minimize its appearance.

A majority of readers will agree that spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours in the salon is exhausting. Plus, you have to uber careful not to ruin the manicure in the next half an hour. You getting the car keys out of your purse, opening the salon door on your way out, or simply flicking your hair back―anything, and we mean anything, can mess up the beautiful, carefully created mani from the salon.

To avoid all that, but still get ample opportunities to flaunt gorgeous-looking hands, how about creating flawless designs right at home? And we're not talking about purchasing any fancy nail art kit. With the help of a few clean toothpicks (you did read that correctly) and your favorite nail polish shades, you can make easy nail art designs in a jiffy.

17 Simple Nail Art Designs Using a Toothpick

As you will see in the images given below, the designs have been created on a variety of nail polish base colors. You don't have to pick the exact shades for yourself. In fact, select nail polish colors that will bring a smile on your face. After all, that's why we get a manicure done, don't we?

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  • Beige Nails Purple Lines Toothpick Art
  • Black Nails Colorful Toothpick Art
  • Black Nails Yellow Art with Toothpick
  • Blue Nails Black Art with Toothpick
  • Blue Nails Clouds Art with Toothpick
  • Blue Nails White Lines Toothpick Art
  • Green Nails Blue Bows with Toothpick
  • Pink Nails Feather Art with Toothpick
  • Pink Nails Polka Dots with Toothpick
  • Pink Nails Smiley Faces with Toothpick
  • Purple Nails Chevron Toothpick Art
  • Purple Nails Circle Art with Toothpick
  • Purple Nails with Toothpick Art
  • Red Nails Black Art with Toothpick
  • Red Nails Black Hearts with Toothpick
  • Yellow Nails Blue Tops with Toothpick
  • Yellow Nails Mustache Toothpick Art

DIY Spider Web Nail Art

If you don't have any old nail polish on your nails, firstly, wash your hands with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Use a clean cotton towel to dry your hands properly, and gather all the tools mentioned below.

Base coat
Black nail polish
White nail polish
Nail polish remover
Top coat
Cuticle oil

Step 1

Spider Web Nail Art Step 1

Apply a base coat and let it dry. Next, apply 2 coats of black or any other dark-colored polish.
Step 2

Spider Web Nail Art Step 2

Once dry, draw 3 diagonal lines by dipping the toothpick in a white or a light-colored polish, starting from the corner of your nail.

Step 3

Spider Web Nail Art Step 3

Now draw curved lines across the diagonal lines to create the spider's web.
Step 4

Spider Web Nail Art Step 4

Dip the toothpick in the nail polish as often as it's required.

Step 5

Spider Web Nail Art Step 5

Complete the design on all the nails and let it dry properly. Finally, apply the top coat twice on all the nails to seal the polish.
And finally,

Spider Web Nail Art Design

This is what the nail art will look like.

Now that you have such fabulous designs to create, we won't take much of your time and let you start the mani. But before we end this post, we would like to share a little tip with you all―always paint your thumbnails last. Why, you ask? Well, this is because if you make any mistakes around the cuticles (on the other fingers), you can easily remove the excess polish with them. Isn't that a neat trick?!