Heart nail art design

16 Easy-to-do Cute Heart Nail Designs

You don't have to rush to a salon every time you want breathtaking manis done. Let Buzzle be your inspiration for chic, yet easy-to-do heart nail art designs either for Valentine's Day or for whenever the mood seems right.
Nail Polish Shelf Life
Although nail polish can last for at least 2 years, you need to check its texture before tossing it out. If the polish has turned clumpy and won't combine even after a good shake, it's time to bid the color adieu.

As Valentine's Day will soon be upon us, everywhere we go, we'll get to witness heart-shaped balloons, cards, desserts, and whatnot. So, that got us thinking. Wouldn't it be a wonderful idea to create cute heart nail art designs for the holiday? You can paint your nails with colors that complement your dress for the evening, or choose to sport the traditional red hearts.

Regardless of the design and nail polish colors, prepping your nails for the upcoming romantic occasion is definitely high priority. As you go through the article, first you will find a tutorial on how to do heart nail designs. After that, we have compiled some small, yet cute heart designs. So, what are we waiting for, ladies? Grab your nail polish kit and let's get started ASAP.

Step-by-step Tutorial

To create this lovely nail art, you will require a few toothpicks, a clear polish, red, white, and black nail color (or your favorite shade), Q-tips, nail polish remover, and a few cotton balls. Firstly, remove the old nail paint and wash your hands properly. Clip, file, and buff your nails to the height you want before you proceed to the following steps.

Heart Nail Art Tutorial

Apply a coat of clear nail paint and let it dry before beginning the nail art.

Apply 1 - 2 coats of black nail polish (or any other nail color you want).

Dip a toothpick in either red or white nail color to draw a V shape.

Pick more color with the toothpick and fill the color on top of the V to resemble the shape of a heart.

Do this on all the nails and let the paint dry completely.

Take a clean toothpick and pick white (or red) nail color. Now, make a smaller v shape at the bottom of the hearts.

Do this on all the nails and let the paint dry one more time.

Once completely dry, apply a coat of clear nail polish to prevent the nail art from chipping off too early.

Heart Nail Art Design

15 Easy Heart Nail Designs

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  • Black Orange Hearts Nail Art
  • Pink Hearts Nail Art
  • Blue Nails Hearts Nail Art
  • Black with Red Hearts Nail Art
  • Red Nails White Hearts Nail Art
  • Red with White Hearts Nail Art
  • Black White Red Heart Nail Art
  • Gray Silver Hearts Nail Art
  • Red with White Heart Nail Art
  • Pink Tips Heart Nail Art
  • Black with Red Hearts Nail Art
  • White Gold Tips Heart Nail Art
  • Red White Hearts Nail Art

Don't wait for Valentine's Day to try out these cute heart nail designs. Follow the instructions given in the tutorial, or try your hand at any of the designs from the slideshow.