Zebra print nails

How to Do Zebra Print Nails at Home

Keeping the excitement and popularity of animal print nail art alive, we, at Buzzle, thought of putting together fun and easy designs for you - zebra prints. With a step-by-step tutorial and 15 additional colorful designs, you will be ready to rock the zebra print nails in no time.
Let's kick it up a notch!

Paint your nails with black nail polish and for the zebra stripes, use glow-in-the-dark nail polish.
The first rule of nail art is that you don't need a fancy nail art kit to flaunt flawless nails. Alright, it may not be a 'rule' per se, but don't you agree with us on this? Why should any woman spend hundreds of dollars on different nail art equipment when she can easily get the job done for less? We all love gorgeous-looking nails, and at times, spending too much too often at the salons, which can be avoided.

In this Buzzle article, we will be providing you with a step-by-step tutorial for zebra print nails. With only a few essential tools―nail polish colors and toothpick―you will learn a quick, yet professional-looking nail art technique.

Zebra Print Nail Design with Toothpick

Before we begin, make sure to ...

wash your hands properly, dry them, and clean your nails with cotton balls soaked in nail polish remover. Even if you don't have any old nail polish on, this is a good practice to follow.

clip, file, and buff your nails to the desired length.

gather all the necessary items for the nail art process.

Clear nail polish
White nail polish
Black nail polish
Nail polish remover

apply a layer of clear nail polish, and let your nails dry completely.

Zebra Print Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1 - Apply 1 - 2 coats of white nail polish depending on how intense you want the base color to be. Let your nails dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 - Dip a toothpick in black nail polish and starting at the base of the nail, gently draw short, angled lines to imitate the zebra pattern.

Step 3 - Keep loading the toothpick with polish as you draw the rest of the stripes.

Step 4 - Once the zebra print is done on the first finger, follow the same technique on the rest of the nails.

Step 5 - Let your nails dry completely, and then apply a coat of clear nail polish on top. This will seal the nail art in, and reduce the chances of the color chipping away too early.

Step 6 - Finally, dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and wipe away any excess nail polish that may have been painted on the skin.

Zebra Print Nail Art Design

15 Easy Zebra Print Nail Art

Now that you have a clear idea of how easy it is to make these prints, let's go over some amazing nail art designs. As you browse through the images, you will see that you can experiment with a variety of nail polish colors.

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  • Black Green Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Blue Black Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Mustard Yellow Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Mint Green White Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Pink Black Tips Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Blue Brown Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Red Black Hearts Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Pink White Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Red Orange Yellow Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Blue Purple Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Red Black Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Yellow Pink Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Red Tips Black Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Half Blue Half Black Zebra Print Nail Art
  • Pink Black Zebra Print Nail Art

Play around with different nail polish colors and zebra print stripes for a unique nail art just for yourself. Keep practicing the technique shown in this article, and you will become a pro in no time.