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Amazing Geometric Nail Art Ideas

Amita Ray Oct 08, 2018
Get those mode nails that will turn a few heads. We've got you some ideas for geometric nail art that are just precious.

For the Love of Polka

Add a bit of 60s' glamor with a trendy touch. Start with a base coat of black, gray, white or pink. Add a few big dots of bright colors with a dotting tool or a toothpick. Use a dotting tool with a small tip or a toothpick for smaller dots in the big ones with the same color of the base. Finish it off with a top coat of clear polish.

Nails That are Art

Every girl should have nails that are just wow; you too can sport this uber trendy geometric nail art, in just a few simple steps. We personally loved the combination of a dark base coat, the gold, and the teeny bursts of color in this.
Get a base coat of navy blue, gray, or white. Create the geometric designs in white or with glitter using a nail stamper. Fill in the geometric designs with your favorite colors with a detailing brush. Don't forget that top coat.

Bonkers Over Metallic Sheen

We went all metallic on this one, and boy, are we glad! Grab your favorite metallic greens, blues, purple, and pinks, and team them with gold, silver, or bronze. All you need for this look is a lot Scotch tape, some clear polish, and of course a little patience.

Undying Love of Leopard Prints

Go wild with some leopard prints. Start with a nude beige color as the base, tape it and get the orange color on. Tape over the orange and paint a black triangle. Dot the beige with orange and add black border with a toothpick for the leopard print. Finish with some clear polish.

Going Minimalistic But Not Simple

Get this classy look in just 3 steps. Apply a double coat of white as the base. Use scotch tape to mask regions intended to be white.
Next, apply the lighter shade of the nude brown color. Mask over it and apply the sky blue color. Use a striping tape to cover the blue region and apply the brown color. Apply clear polish to make your art last longer.

Triangles All the Way

Let your nails do the boogie with a style that's totally off the grid. You could either use a white base coat or use three or four bright colors. Using a detailing brushing and black polish, draw horizontal lines followed by diagonal lines on the nails. What you get are these rhombus-shaped boxes.
Draw horizontal lines such that these boxes form two triangles each. Fill every alternate triangle with black polish. Use a different color on the ring finger to funk it up a bit.
***You could also use a nail stamper to create the triangles.

Playfully Graffiti

Doll up your nails to make them look special. Make yellow your first coat. Dip a makeup sponge in water and to it apply turquoise, yellow and bright-green adjacent to each other. Gently dab the sponge on the nail to make the base. Using scotch and striping tape, create a pattern and apply black polish.
***You could either use Scotch tape to cover the region around the cuticle to remove excess polish on the skin.

Can't Get Enough of Plaid

Add a little more plaid to your look with this design. The matte look for plaid nails gives a more fabric-like look. You could start with a matte dark-blue color. Use Scotch tape to cover the parts intended to remain blank and create the plaid with beige, white or yellow with a nail stamper.

Cyan Crazy

This tribal-design-inspired cyan geometric nail art is definitely one of a kind. Begin with a double coat of the bright-blue, and make the triangles with the help of Scotch tape. Use a striper brush or a toothpick to make the black lines and the white semicircles.