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Awesome Neon Nail Art Ideas

Buzzle Staff Oct 8, 2018
You know how to make heads turn, you know how to steal the show; so do your nails! It's time to flaunt some awesome neon nail designs.

Color Mania

Can't choose one color? Don't fret! When it comes to colors, more is always merrier, as is evident here. So get all those neon nail polishes and paint to glory.

Green Zebra

Simple zebra print looks stunning on a bright shade like green. Don't go overboard and decorate all your nails. Keep it fresh and chic with prints on just one or two nails.

Coral Beauty

Coral is the 'IT' shade this season; actually all seasons! And neon coral makes things even better. For a classy look, embellish your nails with beads, or use silver nail polish on coral for a gorgeous look.

Polka Magic

Polka dots are never gonna go out of style. Whenever you're in the mood for some exciting nail art without too much fuss, polka is the way to go! Pair bright neon colors for that tantalizing effect. Orange and pink look great together, right?!

Gold and Yellow

Think neon, think yellow! Bright like the sunshine, brighter still with gold specks on it! Neon yellow with shimmer or other jazzy colors gives a bold and unconventional look. Mind you, not everybody can handle this sparkly color.

A Little Pink and Lots of Black!

Black and pink is one of the best color combinations out there, perhaps second to only black and red. And when they take on their neon shades, nothing makes us happier. Adorn your nails with small dots or stripes for a funky look.

A Dash of Aztec

Yup, Aztec is still in vogue, and can be easily done to add that extra jazz to your neon nails. Choose really bold colors and balance them out with some pretty patterns in black or white.

Neon Mania on Gray!

Let the bright neon shades dance on a subtle gray background! You can also go for a white background for a more contrasting effect. The key is to balance out the neon colors with a neutral base.

Sea Green

Stunning, right! Neon nail art need not be all about jazz, it can be calming and beautiful as well. Simply combine two close shades and blend them from top to bottom for that perfect harmony.

Orange Diva

Orange is the new black! So why not give your nails the perfect dose of color, with orange. For a trendy look, use neutrals like black, white, or gray to make artistic patterns. Simple stripes or a crisscross pattern looks equally stunning.