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15 Beautiful Aztec Nail Designs

15 Beautiful Aztec Nail Designs

In our quest to always serve you with the best nail art designs, we've found yet another style to adorn your nails that not just wows us, but is trending in the fashion world ― the Aztec nail art! NailArtMag guides you giving easy steps to 'Aztec' your nails, along with 15 beautiful designs.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018
Life can't be perfect, but your nails can be!Anonymous
Like a pair of stilettos, nail art has become one of the essential 'must-have' accessories for women these days. Tried a lot of creative stuff on your nails? This time, paint your nails ― the Mexican style! There's a possibility that you might have tried these on days you feel originative, but little did you know that those were Aztec.

Aztec nail art being reminiscent to African tribal nails, infuses loads of colors, shapes and bold patterns. These designs can be done with either gel colors, or the regular paints, and looks amazing in both, matte and gloss. These might seem tedious to you at first, but they are very easy to do, 'cause there's ample room to customize and create your own.

We have a collection of cool nail designs to inspire you.
DIY Tutorial for Aztec Nails
Follow this step-by-step tutorial and master yourself in Aztec.

Things you'll need:
 Base coat and top coat nail polish
 A variety of colors, neon polishes or other bright colors
 Fine nail art pens/thin nail art brushes
 Pastels or acrylic paints (optional)
 Manicure strips or thin sellotape (optional if you have a good grip over using nail art pens)
 Cotton swabs and thinner
 A little creativity, and a lot of patience

Assemble all the supplies, remove previous paint (if any) from your nails, and get started!
Step 1: Apply a thin layer of base coat on your nails. After it dries completely, apply the nail paint of your choice. We have used a shade of red. Now, using a thin nail art brush, create a thick vertical line from base of your nail towards the tip. We are using black in contrast to red.
Step 2: Outline the black thick line with white thin lines on both the sides using white nail art pen, as shown in step 2.
Step 3: Now go about making zigzags on the black patch.
Step 4: With a different color paint, add dots between the zigzags (or roughly the triangles formed). We've used orange here.
Step 5: Go about making small triangles (or any Aztec pattern) at the outer edge as shown.
Step 6: Seal your Aztec with a top coat polish. Let it dry.
Step 7: Using cotton swabs and thinner solution, clean up splodges around the nails. You could add rhinestones or gems to glitter your nails.

And this is what you get ...
Female Back Hands Closeup
Female Back Hands Closeup
Beautiful Aztec Nail Designs
Create stripes and triangles, make chevrons or swirls; Aztec lets your artistic side shine out. And don't worry if you think you are not good at drawing shapes. Just start with simple lines and dots. And when it comes to Aztec, there is no right or wrong way to do it.
Splash Color on your Nails!
How can we outdo colors if we're talking of Aztec and tribal ... and nail art of course?! Do Geo-prints, make copper leaves and feathers, play with patterns and infuse neon colors. Basically texture your nails with tribal designs and pastels.
Why forget the Tootsies?
Usually, we tend to color our finger nails, accent them with all sorta designs, but unknowingly tune out our toenails. They need to be pampered too! This time, go Aztec with your toes and flaunt in open sandals and peep toes.
Black and White is never going anywhere!
Be it parties, or colleges ― black-and-white nails blend well in all occasions. You can use stark whites and matte blacks to give your nails an edgy look. Or you can go for designs that require just the basic French/American manicure. In the latter case, all you need to have is, black and white fine nail art pens, and a good grip over it. We have some gorgeous black and white nail art designs for you to refer.
Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time. 'Cause that is why we have thinners and nail paint removers, right? (winks!) For your design to last longer, apply a layer of top coat every day. And don't you forget to click a nail art selfie!