Best Manicure Set

It is important to choose an appropriate manicure set that will meet your quality expectations. Therefore, it makes sense to do a bit of research before buying one for yourself.
NailArtMag Staff
While deciding on a manicure set, it is important to check the quality of its nail files. The nail files with a higher grit number are strong and last longer. If you have delicate nails, then opt for 100 to 200+ grit nail files. On the other hand, for fake nails, use nail files with 180 grits. The cuticle pusher should be semicircle in shape and must have a blunt edge. It should also be a little wider than the base. Cuticle nippers are also referred to as cuticle cutters. Ensure that the cuticle nipper has a slightly rounded blade which is similar to the shape of the cuticle. Pliers and levers are the two types of nail clippers and depending on your nail type, you may opt for any one of them.
Suvorna Professional Manicure Kit
As the name suggests, this is a professional manicure and pedicure set. The instruments in this set are of professional quality and are made from surgical grade stainless steel. There are 9 manicure and pedicure tools in this set. The kit has nail and cuticle clippers, tweezers, nail filer, etc. The tools are stored in a velvet lined box, which makes carrying the kit easy.
Dovo 5 Piece Manicure Set
Dovo manicure sets are one of the best kits around. Unlike other sets, the equipment offered by Dovo are hand crafted. The case of this manicure set is extremely light, stylish, and convenient to carry.
Zamberg 11 Piece Stainless Steel Manicure Set
If you prefer using multiple tools during manicuring, consider opting for this Zamberg set. This set comes in a black leather case and the tools are rather large in size, which makes it easier to use them as compared to small-sized tools. These tools are made of stainless steel and have a matte finish, due to which cleaning and sanitizing them is not difficult. This set comes with multiple scissors, clippers, and tweezers, thereby making it a lot easier to clean the nails properly.
Conair Travel Smart Mini Professional Manicure Set
If you prefer carrying your manicure supplies while traveling, then you may want to consider this Conair manicure set. It has 6 chrome plated equipment, which include scissors, clippers, and tweezers. The tools come in a very pretty travel kit.
Some people like to put their manicure set together, rather than buying a ready-made kit. However with a number of different sets available in the market, you may find one that is perfect for your needs.