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6 Best Nail Polish Colors for Fall

Sujata Iyer Oct 19, 2018
While everyone's busy dressing up with the trendiest outfits and shoes, you can enhance your look this fall by donning the colors on your nails. Read on to know how.
Chanel manicurist Ashlie Johnson advises using dark shades for nails that are " … just past the fingertip and filed to more of an almond or oval shape. This will help elongate your fingers."
Printed skirts, chunky rings, statement bracelets, quirky pendants, wedge boots, oversized stuff, and the ruler of the fall roost―plaid. You've got a little bit of this and a whole lot of that. You've aced every fall fashion trend this year with flying colors, or so you may think.
The one thing that will complete your look is the right nail color! If you think it's not an important factor in putting together a look, think again. Nail color is one cosmetic that no one can overlook, be it a supermodel walking a ramp or plain ol' you heading for a fancy luncheon.
Here are some of the trendiest colors you should paint your nails in this fall. They'll take your breath away.


The absolute darling of fall, be it this year or any, is berry-colored nail polish.
From deep maroons to deep purples, heavy reds to dark-ish pinks, any color that screams any kind of berry should be at the top of your must-have color list. Our favorite though is the gorgeous deep blue. It's an unusual yet indisputable addition to the list of berry shades.
Best Worn With: The depth of this color family is best brought forth when it is worn with dark outfits, especially black. If monochrome is not your thing, you can opt for at least one dark piece in your outfit.


This fall, the trend that seems to have taken more and more ramps by storm is that of dark-colored nail polish.
Deep, twilight-resembling, brooding hues are the rage, with almost every second model wearing it. The colors to look out for: oxblood, deep emerald, pitch black, midnight blue, and any other color that has that tinge of black in it.
Best Worn With: If there ever was a bunch of nail colors that could be worn with almost any outfit, it's these sulkies. Wear them with an all-white ensemble, a muted beige and white combo, color-blocked clothes, or even animal prints; anything goes!


The thought of wearing electric nail color may give you a mild jolt, but if you view them objectively, you'll see how adorable they are.
Just look at them! All bright, vibrant, and cheerful. Wouldn't you want your nails to feel the joie de vivre by being drenched in colors like sunny yellow, siren red, blood orange, and of course, the regal cobalt and the electrifying chartreuse.
Best Worn With: These colors are already vibrant enough for the entire outfit (and then some more), but that should in no way stop you from exploiting bright outfits! Agreed that they work great with muted tones like white, cream, and gray, but try color blocking them with a bright outfit, and you'll never want to wear a dull color again.


There's something about metallic nail colors that has everyone swooning over them.
Maybe it's their dazzling sensuality or maybe it's their haunting hues. Maybe it's the class and elegance they exude or maybe it's just that they're so darn sexy! Whatever reason you think qualifies as valid for you to add one of these wonderful metallic tones to your vanity kit, use it! Coppers, bronzes, golds, silvers, amethysts: use them, love them!
Best Worn With: The only (slight) disappointment is that you cannot really wear metallic colors with a lot of outfits. Our suggestion? Go with white, off-white, or cream and a shade of the nail color you're wearing for a look that screams luxury.


Ordinarily considered 'wearable' only by teenagers, glitter nail polish is fast becoming the dazzling diva of the fashion world.
Supermodels, actresses, fashion bloggers, and everybody who's anybody in fashion is flaunting glittery nails with unabashed glee. Here's a piece of advice from manicurist Dawn Sterling: "Wear a clear or neutral base color and swipe glitter polish across the tips of your nails. This is a more simple yet eye-catching way to wear your glitter."
Best Worn With: A monochromatic outfit will work wonders in amplifying the shimmery awesomeness of glittery nail color. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Avoid wearing too many colors. Especially avoid going matchy-matchy with it, unless teenage drama queen is what you're aiming for.


All that color, glitz, and glamor, and you're still not convinced about whether you can pull any of the aforementioned colors on your nails? That's no reason to worry your pretty head.
For a much-needed breather and to tone down what we predict will be a very wild fall, outfit-wise, there are some classic neutral tones you can paint your nails in. Vanilla, butter, tan, peach, rose, goose grey, and beige are the colors you want to stock up on.
Best Worn With: Though neutral colors are generally used to balance the amount of color in an outfit, that might not be very true in the case of nail color. In fact, it is almost always a good idea to wear neutral nail color with a neutral outfit.
By now, you've probably guessed what everyone's thinking, but no one's saying out loud. Push all those clear nail polishes and nail art kits to the bottom of your vanity and embrace the flamboyance and madness that the nail colors mentioned here are brimming with.