Unique And Dazzling Nail Art Designs for Christmas

Christmas Nail Art Designs
Add more fun to your Christmas attire by painting your nails in some awesome festive nail art designs. Read on for some special ideas on Christmas nail art designs to flaunt this season...
NailArtMag Staff
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018
orange color nail art
So, you are going to a party this Christmas or having one at your place. Your outfit, make-up, shoes everything have been decided well in advance. However, you want to do something fun, something adventurous with your look this Christmas.
Here are some creative nail designs offer you exactly that. These attention grabbing designs are so simple that even beginners can easily do them on their nails. At the same time, they are unique and interesting enough to make heads turn wherever you go. Look forther for these simple nail art designs.
Unique Christmas Nail Art Ideas and Designs
Snowman Designs...
To create this design, you will need nail polish in two colors - white and black. Start with making three circles on your nail, one on top of the other. The one near the tip should be the smallest, followed by a medium-sized one and the largest at the base. Now, take a black polish and draw eyes, buttons and hat of the snowman!
Starry Designs...
French manicure
Paint a Christmas tree topper, a golden star on the nails. With red as the base, put a golden polish drawing a star with five edges, covering the entire nail. For the star to glitter, stick a few golden rhinestones on it!
Red and Green...
Green nail polish
One of the easy nail art designs for beginners is to simply paint the nails with colors traditionally associated with Christmas i.e. red and green.
Start with painting half of your nail in green color, from the base. Next, color the upper half in red color. If you can paint the nails in diagonal halves, even better. In the end, when the polish is dry, take some stickers made in the shape of snowflakes and stick them to the center of your nail!
Christmas Light Designs...
French manicure with points
Start with applying a light shade like pink as the base. When it's dry, with a small brush dipped in black polish, draw horizontal and vertical lines on the entire nail like strings of Christmas lights. In the end, take a golden polish and put dots on them to make tiny bulbs!
Christmas Tree...
Christmas tree on nails
Paint the entire nail with golden glitter polish. When it's dry, stick a Christmas tree sticker in the middle of the nail. That's it! It's the simplest amongst all designs, yet it looks awesome!
Bow Designs...
A fun way to do the nails this Christmas is to paint them all in different colors. So, take polishes in five bright colors such as yellow, red, blue, green and purple. Starting from the nail tip, paint one-third of your nails with each of them.
In the end, take silver bow Christmas stickers and place them just on top of the line where your nail polish ends. Or if you are confident, make the bows yourself with glitter silver polish.
Winter manicure
A Santa Claus may seem like a daunting task to make on the nails, but it's not that difficult. Start with painting a white "u" from the base of the nail with white polish. Fill the "U" (Santa's face) with the same white colored polish.
Next, make a red triangle on top of it. This will serve as the Santa's cap. In the end, take two silver rhinestones and stick them as Santa's eyes on the white "U". With a red polish, make Santa's mouth. In the end, taking white polish, draw Santa's beard, below the red mouth!
Flowery Designs...
Red nail art with printed flowers
Mixing French manicure with Christmas nail art gives nails a classy look. To do that - paint your nail tips with white, then paint a small flower at the base with red. In the middle, put a golden rhinestone to add shine to your nails.
Festive Glow...
French manicure
How about an all golden nail design? So, start with painting your entire nail with golden polish. Let the polish dry completely and after that, put a small "cupid" sticker in white color, in the middle of your nail. You can easily find such stickers online. You may add a few "snowflake" stickers or two-three silver rhinestones, to complete the look!
Beautiful snow manicure
Aren't these Christmas nail designs easy? If you find them a bit difficult to do, an easy nail design can be created by simply painting all your nails red and then sticking a "Santa" sticker on the nail of your ring finger.
This nail art design is fun, simple, has a surprise element and the best part is, can be created by anyone! So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your tools - polishes, glitter, rhinestones, brushes, stickers, etc. and have fun doing up your nails for the coming festive season!