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Clever Household Uses for Nail Polish

Buzzle Staff Oct 8, 2018
Nail polish does not just adorn the nails, but has pretty crafty household uses as well! Clear nail polish, particularly, has numerous creative uses. Right from fixing cracks to preventing rust, it can be your handy solution for many everyday problems.

A Bold Warning

There's a possibility of poison bottles getting mixed with other similar bottles. A 'danger' sign made with any dark nail polish, preferably red, will convey the message loud and clear.

A Colorful Trick

Distinguishing between a dozen keys can be quite a task. Using different nail polish colors will help you quickly find the key that you want. Plus, your keys will look more colorful and funky!

Keeping It Neat!

There's a chance of ink running and making the entire label incomprehensible. A single coat of clear nail polish will instantly make your label smudge-proof.

No Rust, More Life

A very crafty use of nail polish is to prevent screws from rusting. A layer of polish will protect them from moisture and subsequent oxidation. Coating the entire screw in nail polish will help tighten it as well.

The Jewel Effect

Coating fake or inexpensive jewelry with clear polish makes it last longer. Rings tend to leave green stains on the fingers. This can be prevented by coating their inside surface with nail polish. Faded jewelry can get a glamorous touch with metallic polish.

Damage Control

Metal bottles, containers, or cans kept in the bathroom tend to leave rust rings on the sink. Prevent the damage by coating the bottom of the cans or bottles with clear or colored nail polish.

Prevent the Fray

Shirt buttons coming out because of frayed threads is very irritating, especially when you are getting late for an important task. A drop of clear nail polish will prevent fraying, and increase the durability of your shirt buttons.

A Quick Trick

An unusual use of nail polish is to waterproof matches. Yup, just dipping the tips in nail polish will ensure that the matches work even if they come in contact with water. This becomes very handy when going camping or overnight picnics.

A Shiny Treat

Belt buckles tend to lose their shine with continuous use. A coat of transparent nail polish will keep them looking new for a long time. You can even use silver or any other metallic nail polish to revamp old belt buckles.

A Quick Fix

Small runs in nylon stockings not only look bad, but also have the risk of spoiling the entire stocking. Applying a thin coat of clear nail polish will contain the run. It is a handy fix in urgent situations.

A Handy Fix

Nail polish won't completely fix cracks on window screens or any other type of glass, but you can cover small cracks with some clear nail polish. It will also stop the crack from spreading.