Simple Steps to Create Marble Nail Art Using Water

Simple Steps to Create Marble Nail Art Using Water
One of the latest nail art trends, marbling is fast catching momentum. This article will provide you with some tips about how to water marble your nails.
Nail art has a very long history and is said to be in vogue, since 3000 B.C. At that time, nail coloring was an indicator of social class in some regions, whereas for others it was a beauty statement. Various products, including henna, were used for this purpose.

Today, we have a wide range of products and techniques that are meant for nail decoration. While some of these methods are better done by professionals, there are many that can be tried at home too. One of the latest entrants, marble nail art is one such technique that can be done at home.

What is Water Marble Nail Art

Though nail art is better done by professionals, marbling is something that can be tried at home. Marbling is the technique of making designs and patterns with paints that float on water or other solution (referred to as 'size'). The design is transferred to other surfaces by gently placing the object on the top of the solution. The object could be a paper (paper marbling) or fabric (fabric marbling) or even ceramic and plastic. This method is being used on nails too. While water is commonly used for this purpose, some people make marbling nail designs without water. The latter method needs more expertise. Water marbling nails is not a difficult task, though it can be a little messy.

water marble nail art requirements
All you have to do is to add a few drops of nail polish (differently colored) into the water kept in a bowl. Create a pattern with a needle/toothpick and place your fingernails on the pattern (formed over the water). The design will stick to your nails, and this is called water marble nail art. To start with, collect the required materials that are listed below.

Things You Need

1. Nail polish of different shades (minimum two are needed)

2. A wide-mouthed bowl (big enough to dip your fingers)

3. Toothpick/orange stick/pin/needle (may use a marbling tool too)

4. Petroleum jelly or scotch tape (to cover the skin around the nails)

5. Top coat, acetone and Q-tips

6. Slightly warm water (filtered or distilled)

How to Do Water Marble Nail Art With Water
  • Before starting with the procedure, prepare your nails. Apply a base coat that goes well with the colors that are meant for marbling. If you are using lighter shades, go for a lighter base coat. Gather the required materials and follow the tips that are given below.
  • Cover the skin around your nails with scotch tape. This prevents sticking of nail polish on the skin (around the nails), while you place the nail on the design. Alternatively, you may apply petroleum jelly on the skin. Once the nail art job is done, you can remove the tape (or petroleum jelly) and clean the skin.
step 1 - base coat application
step 1a - covering with scotch tape
step 1b - nails covered with scotch tape
  • Now, take water in the bowl that is big enough to contain your fingers. Make sure that the water level is just beneath the rim of the bowl, so that it does not spill, as you dip your fingers.
  • Keep the nail polish bottles ready with loosened lids. It is always better to use new ones that are easy-flowing, with a watery consistency. Choose a location with less air movement, because the nail polish can get dry easily.
  • Now, add 2 drops of nail polish (single shade) on the surface of the water in the bowl. You have to place the nail polish drops gently over the surface, without touching the water. If you drop the nail polish forcefully (or far from the water surface), the drop may either sink or form air bubbles that may hamper the procedure.
  • The nail polish drops that are added to the center of the water surface will spread to form a thin film. Now, add a single drop of another nail polish shade on the center of the formation. Keep adding other shades drop by drop, till the film forms concentric circles (each drop will spread to form a film inside the earlier one). You may either use two colors alternatively or different colors, in the order you like.
step 2 - adding nail polish drops
step 2a - adding more nail polish drops
step 2b - adding more nail polish drops
  • Do this very fast, so that the film does not get dry. Once done, take a metal pin or toothpick (those with sharp points are preferred) and start making the design. Water marble nail art design is created by gently dragging the tool over the surface of the film. Do this repeatedly, till you get the marbled pattern. You must draw lines over the surface of the film very quickly (and lightly). Otherwise, the nail polish may get gummy and stick to the tool.
  • It is advisable for beginners to avoid the outermost ring of the film (while making the pattern), as it may get dry fast and may come up with the tool. You may also clean the tip of the tool in a clean cloth, every time you take it out (while dragging it over the nail polish film).
step 3 - nail polish film in concentric circles
step 3a - making the design
step 3b - water marble nail art design formation
  • The next step is to dip your fingernail on the pattern and keep it for a while, till the nail polish sticks to the nail. This has to be done very carefully. Choose a particular spot (on the design), you like the most. Gently place the fingernail over the pattern and lower it till the fingertip is beneath the water. You may also try marbling artificial nails.
  • Now, drag a toothpick around the fingernail, so that the remaining film sticks to it. Discard the toothpick and gently take out the finger. Repeat the process for marbling other fingers. Once done, remove the tape and clean the skin around the nails, with a Q-tip dipped in acetone. Apply a top coat and your water marble nail art is done.
step 4 - dipping the fingernail
step 4a - removing the surrounding nail polish layer
step 4b - scotch tape removal
step 4c - cleaning the skin with acetone

marble nail art
nail art2
nail art3
nail art1

The above said is only a brief overview about how to create marble nail art using water. Though, it is a messy procedure, you will definitely love the pattern of swirls on your nails. Don't lose heart, if you fail in your first attempt. Repeat it a few times and you will succeed for sure. Once you master it, you may also create your own unique patterns, color combinations and designs.