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9 Creative Crackle Nail Polish Designs

9 Creative Crackle Nail Polish Designs

Crackle nail polish is a type of lacquer that crackles as it dries and creates an artistic broken effect. These nail designs are beautiful, unique, and endless. Also, it is available almost everywhere and in various colors. Here are some crackle nail polish design ideas.
Sharmistha Sarkar
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
Thinner the better
When applying crackle nail polish, always use a thin coat. This will form the crackle correctly and neatly. The thinner the coat the better.

Avoid nail polishes having big chunks of glitter or confetti in them, which create bumps and look strange underneath the layer of crackle nail polish.
Beautiful nail art designs like Croc effect, Crackle effect, Magnetic effect and others have become popular in the recent times. Each of them has its own pattern. 
Crackle nail polish
Crackle nail polish is a type of lacquer that creates a chipping effect as it dries. Unlike other nail polishes, this one spreads the layers to form a number of cracks. Several versions of this polish are available in various brands and in a wide range of colors. They are unique, exciting and fun, and applying them is very simple. 
One need not be an artist to create crackle designs, it isn't a complex art. It's just that one needs to be a little careful and patient, and should have a little practice. Crackle polish has become popular due to its ability of creating endless designs and patterns.

Crackle polish can be worn and would be perfect for summer holidays, parties, weddings and any such fun occasion. So get started with the crackling paint.
Applying Crackle Nail Paint
Step 1: The first step is to prepare your nails. Do a regular manicure before applying the nail polish. It is important that the nails are clean and dry. Remove all old polish with a nail polish remover and then wash the hands with soap and water to let go of all chemicals from the nails. Dry them and then remove any dead skin around the nails.

Step 2: Pick out a good quality base color and think about a color that will create a nice contrasting effect with the crackle color. Mostly, the effect is best when the base color is different from that of the crackle nail polish. Apply it on your nails. Use two to three coats so that the color looks bright and dark, and not pale. This will allow the crackle effect to look striking and glamorous by showing it through the cracks in your crackle nail polish.

Step 3: Now, leave the nail polish for sometime, say 10 minutes until it dries, at least touch dry. This will not let the crackle polish ruin the base coat by running over it and wouldn't look messy.

Step 4: Following this, apply a thick coat of crackle nail polish as per the base coat. Crackle polish dries really fast so apply it as fast as possible. Also, the nail polish crackles in the direction of your brush movement. So try applying it on diagonally, in a zig-zag or as a swirl to get the effect you want.

Step 5: Watch and wait for the magic to happen. The crackle effect will begin to appear as the polish dries up. The drying process is fast, but also depends on the brand you use. Be patient and allow the formula to work and dry up. Leave it on for some 10 minutes. Make sure it dries up completely, else it will look smudged.

Step 6: So, there you are with amazing and gorgeous looking crackle painted nails. Crackle nail polish has a matte look to it when dry because of the nature of the formula. Finish it with a layer of top coat to give it a glossy effect and make the polish last longer without flaking. The nature of the nail polish is a little delicate and so the top coat is necessary.
So, have fun and all the very best for painting your nails. Happy experimenting!