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19 Creative Purple Nail Art Designs

19 Creative Purple Nail Art Designs

Don't just paint your nails; give them a style like no other. NailArtMag gives you 19 creative purple nail art designs that are so sexy, you won't be able to get enough of them.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018
If time is short ...
choose to color block your nails in cool geometric shapes with pastel and bold shades of purple.
With the love of trendy nail art designs going through the roof, it's tough to keep up with what's in, and what's "yesterday's news". Although fashion and trends keep reprocessing, the only thing that you can trust are your instincts. So to the diehard polish fans, we dedicate this NailArtMag article on purple nail art designs where you will find 19 fabulous ideas.

Whether you like the deep, intense shades of purple, such as plum, eggplant, or violet, or lean towards the lighter hues, like lilac, lavender, or mauve, we've got tons of ideas to go around. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and go through our list below featuring some of the most spectacular designs.
19 Sexy and Cute Nail Art Designs
As nail polish takes such a long time to dry completely, creating the designs ourselves can seem like a test of our patience. If you don't have enough time to spare, or waiting isn't an option for you, we suggest you take a copy of any of the following purple nail designs, and seek help from a manicurist.
Most of the ideas given above can be done at home. All you require are a few essential tools such as the nail polish colors (make sure they are from the same brand), base and top coat polishes, toothpick, Scotch Tape, cotton balls, and Q-Tips. You don't necessarily have to follow the designs to a T; there is a lot of scope to let your creativity shine.
Important Instructions to Follow
Purple Nail Polish
Before you apply any of the designs mentioned above, it is essential you keep the following guidelines or instructions in mind. These will not only help you finish the task quickly, but efficiently as well.

1. Prepare your nails for the design by removing all existing nail polish.

2. Apply a clear base coat on your freshly-trimmed nails to provide the design a smooth surface.

3. Once the design is applied, and the nails are completely dry, apply a glossy top coat for shine and protection.

4. If any excess nail polish goes outside the lines (onto your skin), dip a Q-Tip in nail polish remover, and run it along the cuticle line.

5. Moisturize your cuticles on a regular basis to prevent hangnails, and cracking and peeling of the skin. The best time to do so is just before going to bed.

6. The less number of coats you apply for the nail art, the better the results will be; the chances of making an error will reduce drastically.
These designs are pretty basic, and can be done with various shades of purple. Choose hues that will complement each other, and your skin tone. And once you've mastered these designs, don't forget to take it up a notch every now and then.