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Creative Thanksgiving Nail Art Design Ideas

Creative Thanksgiving Nail Art Design Ideas

Painting a turkey on your nails for Thanksgiving is the best. Here are 13 nail art designs that will make your holiday special with your own version of sparkle.
NailArtMag Staff
Last Updated: Oct 19, 2018
Make your Polished Nails Pop
In order to get the true color of your nail polish, first apply a clear base coat followed by a layer of white nail polish. Once it's dry, apply your colored polish for best results.
For any woman, polishing and painting their nails is one of the best pick-me-ups. After all the hard work and precision, you get to sit still and relax for about 15 - 20 minutes. And with Thanksgiving around the corner, getting a mani done is simply the most amazing idea.
Plain brown, maroon, or orange nails can do the trick, but if you want to add a little extra flair, then you're in luck. We have put together some unique and colorful nail art that'll make your Thanksgiving extra special this year.
13 Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs
Whether you wish to complement your outfit for the family dinner or impress the guests with your talents, these designs are sure to leave everyone speechless. So, what are you waiting for? Checkout these fun holiday manicures you can totally nail.
Nail Polish Colors you'll Need
Thanksgiving Nail Polish Colors
Make sure you have these essential shades before beginning your Thanksgiving-inspired nail art designs.
Thanksgiving Characters Nail Art
Yellow Nails Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Nail Art
Orange Nails Hat Thanksgiving Nail Art
Light Brown Nails Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Nail Art
Tribal Design Thanksgiving Nail Art
Brown Nails Maple Leaves Thanksgiving Nail Art
Thanksgiving Colors Turkey Nail Art
Glitter Nails Fall Leaves Thanksgiving Nail Art
Pink Nails Turkey Leaves Thanksgiving Nail Art
White Nails Turkey Feathers Thanksgiving Nail Art
Orange Nails Leaves Polka Dots Thanksgiving Nail Art
White Nails Polka Dots Turkey Thanksgiving Nail Art
Thanksgiving Colors Fall Nail Art
Turkey Nail Tutorial
Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Art Tutorial
For a simple, no-hassle Thanksgiving nail art, carefully go through the 6 steps provided here.
But before we go through the steps, there are a few things you need to take care of.
1. Clip, file, and buff your nails so that they are ready to be painted.
2. Wash your hands with a gentle soap and dry them properly.
3. Apply a layer of clear nail polish and let your nails dry completely.
4. Next, apply 1 - 2 coats of any of the nail polish colors we've mentioned here.

Once the paint has dried thoroughly, we can start making the turkey design.
Step 1 - Make a thin line with red or maroon nail polish. You can use the nail paint brush or purchase a nail art brush pen to make precise lines.

Step 2 - Using other colors like yellow, brown, orange, and red, draw more lines to make the feathers of a turkey.
Step 3 - Once the feathers dry completely, drop a dot of brown nail polish in the middle and bring it down to make the face.

Step 4 - Let that color dry properly and drop two small dots with white nail polish.
Step 5 - To complete the eyes, drop two smaller dots inside the white ones with black nail polish.

Step 6 - Finally, draw a beak with orange or maroon nail polish on the bird's face. Let your nail art dry completely and apply a coat of clear nail polish so it stays on for a long time.
Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Art
And ... this is what you get!
From autumn leaves to funky-looking turkey, any of the designs provided here will be a hit. Add glitter nail polish over your bold nails to celebrate fall the right way.
But, if time is short, but decorating your nails is a priority, chuck the whole idea of painting each nail with different colors of polish. Instead, purchase some Thanksgiving-inspired nail art stickers or a stamping kit for a hassle-free application.