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Hand-painted Nail Designs

Hand-painted Nail Designs

Nail art is adored by most of us, and no doubt it looks awesome. Hand-painted nail designs are one of the best ways to fancify your nails. But, are you confused about the designs to try? Fret not, this NailArtMag article is at your service.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
Long and well-kept nails surely look beautiful. However, even if they are small, with proper grooming, even they can be the most admired and important element of a perfect attire. The trend of applying a nail polish that matches your outfit is passé. Today, nail designs are in vogue. You can have them similar to the design on your outfit. If you think that exposing yourself to acrylic nail art is too much of a hassle, you can have hand-painted nail designs to enhance the look of your nails.
You would be amazed how easy it is to adorn your nails with some exceptionally trendy and gorgeous designs, and that too, with just using a couple of different nail colors! Even the most simplistic patterns can give your nails―and your overall look―an uber-awesome appeal. The following sections give you some easily doable nail art samples, and guides you on how to get started.
Easily Doable Hand-painted Nail Arts
Nail art with dots
Rainbow nail art
White and silver nail art
Green nail art with glitters and polka dot
Glittery nail art
Pastel-colored nail art
Leopard print nail art
Crossed stripes nail art
Some simple steps can come together and create an absolute perfect nail art for you, right at home. From polka dots to animal prints to a mix and match of different nail paints of varied colors and textures; all you need is a good sense of judgment when it comes to bringing the elements that will work together, and half the battle is won.

Simple dots over your nails look awesome. Use the same color for dots on a single nail because multicolored dots won't look attractive. You can try a mix and match of different base coats and dots on a few finger nails, and apply a coat of plain nail paint on the rest. The combination looks really cool.

Who needs to look up the sky if you've got rainbows on your nails! This design is fairly simple, but exceptionally attractive. Just paint your nails with a white base coat and use different colors of the rainbow to draw thin vertical stripes at the tips of the nails. Use a thin brush to get a clean look.

Add some glitter for the glam, girl! Use transparent base, white nail color, and a silver glittery nail paint to draw beautiful bold strokes on your nails. Use a thin brush to give these strokes an outline.

You must have heard many nail-art enthusiasts saying, "Don't use more than three colors." We say, go ahead and use all the colors you want, as long as you compose them in an artsy manner! You can use a different color for the base, the tips of the nails can be done in a varied shade, and different elements―stripes, dots, flowers, strokes―can stand out in their own individual shades.

You can also paint all the fingernails, except the ring finger, with the same nail color. You can choose among the various textures that are available―plain, matte, glossy, or glittery! The idea is to make the nail of the ring finger stand out from the rest. Use a different color as base coat, and draw some interesting designs―floral, curvy strokes, vines, cartoons, fruits, animals, etc.―on the excluded finger. For 'the' party look, try sticking small fancy stickers on the nail to give it that oomph appeal.

Pastel shades look super classy, especially in the summer. Instead of just going for different pastel colors for each nail, an interesting twist would be to add a white outline (or any color of your choice) to each nail. The look will accentuate all the more!

Animal prints are a popular choice for many nail-art enthusiasts. And while these designs seem to be too complicated, they are as easy as tapping your toes! Just cover the base well with a coat that stands out, and use a fine-tip brush to form the patterns. If you think that it would be too much to do animal print on all fingernails, you could just do it on your ring finger, and color the rest of them in a complementing single shade.

Black bold stripes over a light base coat can never ever go wrong! And it sure stands out no matter what you wear. If you have a lot of stripes in your wardrobe, you wouldn't get an easy nail design to complement your look with.
How to Go About It
Step 1
You don't need to go for a manicure, but your nails need to be clean, properly trimmed, and nicely shaped. You can do this by just cleaning your nails thoroughly with a nail brush, shape them with a nail filer, push back the cuticles, and then use a nail buffer.
Step 2
Choose the nail colors for the design and the base coat. Also, get the brushes, and some accessories―stickers and glitters―for the delicate designing work over your nails. Use thin brushes for the delicate strokes needed in the design.
Step 3
Start with the application of the base coat over your nails. Apply two coats of this base color; wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second. Let the nail color dry properly before you start with the nail design.
Step 4
Now, the real fun begins. Take a fine brush, a nail paint of your choice, and start with the designs. Believe me, once you start, you will feel your nails are the best canvas to paint over! If you are new at this, it would be a good idea to draw some designs on a paper with pencil, and then choose one for your nails. It will be easier to copy one instead of directly trying it on your nails, if you are not so good at painting.
Step 5
Keep cotton balls and pure acetone handy to quick fix any mistakes. Make sure that you are in a place where you are not disturbed. Keep a wiping cloth around to take care of any spills during your work. Remember, a good nail art needs total concentration and patience.
Step 6
Once you are done with painting the designs, let your nails dry completely. After the polish dries, apply a layer of transparent top coat. This will protect your nail designs, and keep them intact for a longer duration.
See, there is nothing so difficult about giving your nails a fashionable look! With a tad bit of practice and patience, you would find no need to spend so much money on professionals. If you're new to this, start with the aforementioned designs that are simple to do. Gradually, as you gain confidence, try practicing more complex patterns till you attain perfection. However, in the midst of all the practicing, don't forget to give your nails some rest. Too much application of nail paints and removers may prove to be harmful to your nails. So, get them embellished only on special occasions. All the best.
Perfect manicure and natural nails. Attractive modern nail art design
Nail gel art. Summer blue
Beautiful Woman Hand with Painted Nails Holding Lemon
Nail Art
Nail art butterfly
Awesome nails and beautiful clean manicure
Beautiful female hand with orange nail design
Trendy nail art half moon geometric
Image of teenage girl's fingernails painted with a lacy design
Red french nail art with flower
Hand with nail art
Perfect manicure and natural nails. Attractive modern nail art design
Purple Manicure
Female hand with gray nail design
Female hands with color nail design
Perfect manicure and natural nails. Attractive modern nail art design
Nail polish in hands of a woman
Red and white nail design with red polish bottle
Female hand with red and green nail design
Beautiful colorful manicure with bubbles and crystals on female hand
Manicure with hearts