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How to Do Nail Designs at Home

Stephen Rampur Sep 29, 2018
Making cool nail designs at home is really simple. Here are some tips and guidelines that you can follow.
Many people have the misconception that beautiful nail designs can be done only by a professional. But that is not so, because nail art can be done by anyone who is interested and willing to try.
No more approaching a professional and paying money for having nail designs applied on your nails. If you want to do easy nail designs at home, you can find a wide range of nail art on the shelves of cosmetic stores.

Doing Nail Art at Home

Before starting out with the procedure, keep a supply of cotton balls and pure acetone fingernail polish remover handy, so that any mistakes can be fixed immediately. To carry out the procedure, choose a place where spills can easily be handled. You are then required to brush on the base coat prior to starting out the process.
Select a strong base in any color you like. You may want to put two coats of nail enamel to ensure it is adequately dark. It is recommended to always allow a decent amount of drying time for the nails, before you start with the nail art.
Begin with the nail art procedure from the top of the base coat. This is the moment when the fun element comes in the scene. You can choose to do designs from a variety of stripes, dots, dashes, and many other petite shapes using the nail paint brush. Ensure that you use fine and soft brushes for the purpose of making attractive designs on the nails.
Marbling tools bought from a cosmetic shop can surely contribute to creating a beautiful effect. Simply smear the polish around the nail and, after drying, apply a different shade and smear once more.
It is possible to try out with several different art designs, and select one you think is the best. Apply tiny stickers or gems to the nails. For this use nail glue and tweezers for holding the items and setting them properly. Immerse the items into the glue first, and then set down carefully on the nail.
You can also include a bit of glitter by sparkling it on wet nails. After you have completed the nail art, apply one or more top coats of clear, protective covering to protect the nails from chips and other kinds of wear. Ensure that you allow a considerable period of time for the nails to dry.

Easy DIY Nail Designs

Cleaning the Nails

When it comes to making nail designs at home, the first step you need to take is to prepare your nails for the task. You are not inevitably required to have the perfect manicure to apply any kind of nail art.
The designs would look best if the nails are kept clean, evenly trimmed, and are shaped nicely. Prepare the nails by cleaning thoroughly with a nail brush, pushing back the cuticles, and using a nail file for shaping the nails and then furbishing them.

Choosing Nail Art Items

Try out a variety of nail art items to determine which are better. There are several different brands to select from, when it is regarding nail art and painting. You also have the option of purchasing sets which include all the essential items that you would require for the procedure.

Choosing Nail Art Designs

Now comes the best part of nail designs at home, which is the kind of design you would prefer to put on your nails. For choosing from a variety of designs, you would need to have a look in cosmetic or beauty shops in your neighborhood.
You also have the option of searching for the right designs in fashion books or magazines or on the web. Nowadays, a majority of nail sets include designs which would help you in choosing a suitable nail design.
You can also come up with your own personalized designs by using a bit of creativity and keeping the latest fashion trends in mind.
When it comes to making cool nail designs at home, you just need to remember that you should have the right resources and a unique sense of style.