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We'll Tell You How to Take Off Acrylic Nails With Acetone

How to Take off Acrylic Nails with Acetone
You need not rush to the salon every time you need to get rid of acrylic nails. It can be very easily done using acetone. This NailArtMag article tells you how.
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Acrylic nails have added a new element to nail fashion, making it really convenient to create gorgeous looking long nails. While previously, beauty salons were the only option for those wanting nail art... Nowadays, with the availability of different artificial nail kits, it has become a lot more convenient to do it in the comfort of your home itself. A lot of care needs to be taken while doing the procedure, or it can cause a considerable amount of damage to the natural nails.
As pretty as artificial nails may look, it is extremely essential that you take them off after a week or two. Your nails need to get off the chemicals used, and be left alone to breathe for a while. The acrylic, glue, nail polish, nail art embellishments, all put together can suffocate your nails to a great extent. This may adversely affect the health of your nails and you may end up suffering from fingernail problems like fungal nail infections, and brittle or weak nails. To avoid such problems, timely nail removal is essential.

There are a number of methods that you can use to remove acrylic nails, but let me warn you, some of these could cause more harm, along with a great deal of pain. So, choosing the right method is necessary. One such method is the use of pure acetone. Fingernail polish remover is not the same as pure acetone, you will be able to find this product at any beauty salon or chemist outlet. Once you purchase it, follow the procedure mentioned below.
Supplies Needed
  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail Buffer
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Cotton Balls
  • Nail Filer
  • Cuticle Sticks
  • Hot Water
  1. Once you have gathered all the supplies, seat yourself in a comfortable position and place a trash bin next to you.
  2. Now, begin by carefully trimming the acrylic nails to the shortest possible length. Do this extremely carefully, or else it could damage your nail bed.
  3. To remove the gel or topcoat, simply use a filer on the nails followed by a buffer.
  4. Then, pour some acetone into a glass bowl, and pour some hot water into another large glass bowl.
  5. Place the bowl of acetone in the hot water so that it gets warm, and then soak all your nails in it for about half an hour.
  6. Lift the fingers occasionally to check if the grip of the nails has loosened up.
  7. Then, remove them from the acetone soak, dip the cotton balls in the acetone, and gently apply to the nails.
  8. Gently push or peel the acrylic nails off the nail bed until they come off completely.
  9. Use cuticle sticks to remove any glue or residue.
  10. Then thoroughly massage your nails with cuticle oil, and leave the oil overnight.
  11. Apply oil or cream to the nail on a daily basis and keep them thoroughly moisturized at all times.
You need to be very patient with the procedure so that, no damage is caused to your natural nails and the nail bed. Also note that routine nail care is of utmost importance post acrylic nail removal.
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