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How to Thin Out Nail Polish

The Lazy Girl's Guide on How to Thin Out Nail Polish

If you are wondering about the ways to thin out nail polish so that it can be applied nicely on your nails, you have reached the right place. Scroll down for some useful tips on thinning polish.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Are you someone who likes to experiment with various kinds of nail art designs? For this, you have a collection of nail enamels in almost all colors. Usually, the nail polishes by most good brands are designed in such a way that they can last for two years. Hence, you invest in some of the best brands. However, one fine day, as you are getting ready to go out, you open the nail polish bottle to find that the polish has become thick, hard, dry, and lumpy. So, if you find yourself in this situation, given below are some useful tips to help you out.
Tips for Thinning Out Thick Nail Polish
The biggest mistake women make, that makes the nail polishes thick and dry, is that they store them in their refrigerators. Nail polishes should be stored in a cool, dry environment, but never in a refrigerator. By keeping them in the fridge, you are actually changing the chemicals in them, thus making them hard, thick, and very uneven for application.
If the nail polish has become clumpy, shake it really well. Rotate the bottle upside-down a few times, and then shake it for a couple of minutes. Most nail polishes tend to settle at the bottom. Shaking them will help in distributing the polish evenly. After this, you may use any of the methods suggested below for thinning the polish.
Nail Polish Thinner: If you go to any beauty store, you will find nail polish thinners. These are especially formulated from ingredients such as toluene and ethyl acetate, to restore the polishes and make them long-lasting. Add five to six drops of a thinner to your polish. It shall be as good as new.
Paint Thinner: Nail polish is quite similar to a wall paint in many respects. So, if you are in an emergency (you have to attend a party in a few minutes, wearing that very nail polish which has become lumpy), and you have a paint thinner with you at home, you can add it to the nail polish. Shake till it gets the right consistency. Adding paint thinner helps in making the nail varnish as rich and smooth as before.
Acetone: Another effective way is to mix acetone with orange oil, and add this mixture to the polish. Shake the bottle for a few minutes, and then keep it still for about fifteen minutes. This time is needed for the mixture to work on the polish to thin it. To check whether the consistency of the polish is right, apply it on a nail. In case, you feel that it needs to be thinned more, you may add a few more drops of the mixture and repeat the process again.
Acetone Nail Polish Remover: Add a few drops of acetone nail polish remover to it. Follow this up by shaking the bottle for some more time. However, this is only a quick-fix solution, as adding remover to the polish, time and again, may actually ruin its quality.
To beautify your nails, besides applying nail polish, remember to apply nail creams too. Moreover, instead of using the above remedy methods, opt for better storage options. Precaution is, of course, better than cure.
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