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Jojoba Oil for Nails

Blissful Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Your Nails

Most of us will use anything that we hear of as being beneficial for us. If it's natural, it's even better. Jojoba essential oil is one such product. Check out the benefits of this oil for nails, in what follows...
Komal Bakhru
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2018
Jojoba is best known in the recent years for its use in cosmetics and several other industries that work in sharp contrast to that of cosmetics. What's interesting about this product that we call oil, is the fact that it really is wax, and not oil. What's also interesting (thus making it a commonly used substitute) is that this wax is made up of a composition that bears close resemblance to that which human skin oil is made up of.
The advantage is that the use of this substitute convinces the body into believing that it is producing enough natural oils. On taking a close look, one would also realize that there are various jojoba oil benefits, hence, making it a highly sought after, and safe selection to turn to. As of now though, we'll only look at the use of this oil for nails.
Good Nail Care
It may just be an opinion, but there is nothing more unappealing than bad or unkempt nails. Regular treatment of the nails (it need not be fancy manicures), will help keep them looking stronger and more youthful for a longer period of time. Timely nail care is especially essential for times when your hands have been excessively exposed to water or even excess / frequent use of nail polish remover that has a heavy acetone content.
Even the use of other products such as dish washing liquid, bleach, etc., have major damaging potential, which is why the use of gloves when doing work like such is recommended. However, if the damage has been done, turning to immediate care is what is best suggested. Take a look at how this oil can help with the same, especially, since it is a natural product.
Benefits for Nails
As mentioned before, the list of oil uses is long, and one of the many uses of this oil is for the maintenance of our nails. First off, jojoba helps repair the nails and hands, along with revitalizing them. The moisture it provides is sufficient to keep the nails going strong for a long time after its use. We'll look at it more specifically by seeing how to use it on nails.
The most important to use a high quality product. High quality oil will act as a better repairing agent for the nails too. On to the application aspect of it, apply a little oil on the nail, and gently massage it along the cuticles. Regular use of this oil also helps with the better absorption of vitamin E by the nails, thus improving the quality of the nails too. Another added advantage with the usage of this oil is that just as little as a drop is more than enough to go a long way.
Other Benefits
Apart from the benefit that the nails receive from this oil, there is a lot else that this oil helps with. This oil is also good for its properties that help keep the skin and hair in good condition. Although an expensive option, the use of this oil on hair can help maintain its lovely luster. It is a particularly good option for people who indulge in frequent chemical treatment, or other treatments which involve immense heat on the hair. Apart from that, it keeps the scalp well moisturized too.
Jojoba acts as a great natural substitute for makeup remover, lip balm, and moisturizer. It's almost like a blessing in disguise for all girls who love their cosmetics! The perfect natural solution for acne problems, this is the way to go if you aren't the one to turn to highly medicated creams and the likes. Interestingly, it also makes for a very good natural pesticide. Thus, the benefits of this oil go beyond those of acting as cosmetics.
Hopefully, the given uses have helped shed some light upon how useful a product it is, thus helping you to know how far the benefits range.