Matte Nail Polish

Bored of your everyday glossy nail polish shades? Try these matte nail colors that will make your nails look unique and chic.
NailArtMag Staff
Matte nail polish was first introduced in the market in 1992. It was an instant hit among teenagers with a different taste in fashion. However, soon after its launch the trend bit the dust. It made a grand comeback in the autumn of 2009 when OPI launched their line of matte nail varnishes. Several other cosmetic giants followed suit and thus began a crazy new nail trend. Shiny, healthy-looking nails painted in soft feminine colors were replaced with colors such as gray, dark purple, red, and black. All these colors were devoid of any gloss or shine.
Matte nail polish instantly makes your nails stand out due to its bold and listless look. They are usually considered more suitable for shorter nails than longer ones. Such dark colors without shimmer do not quite complement long nails.
Earlier, nail polish with a matte look could not be worn with oil-based creams and moisturizers. This problem has been resolved now with the help of a rubberized base coat. This base coat is sold separately and is to be applied prior to the nail polish. While applying matte polish, apply the second coat within a minute of applying the first one. The top coat is certainly not required. It stays on the nails as long as a regular coat. In fact, it is less likely to chip off than the normal one. It comes off easily when removed with an acetone remover.
Most brands have introduced a line of dark murky colors like forest green, blue-gray, jet black, and purple in these nail polish shades. Exceptions to these are fuchsia and white by OPI and red by China Glaze. Some colors change their appearance under light; for instance, Blue Suede by Orly initially appears black, but changes to a cool bluish-gray under light. A nail polish in matte finish is also introduced for men by Man Glaze in similar colors.
Nail polish in matte finish is certainly not subtle and hence can seem inapt for formal occasions. Do not wear it to a job interview unless you are applying for an extremely creative position. If you do decide to go for it, make sure to keep your overall look balanced by underplaying other features.
Although matte nail polish is bold, unique, and stylish, it may not be preferred by everyone. Go on and try it out if you are in the mood for a change and want to try something new.