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Brilliant Nail Art Ideas

Chandramita Bora Sep 29, 2018
If you love to experiment with new looks for your nails, then nail art is the best option for you. With seemingly endless designs and shades, you can use your nails as a canvas for expressing your creativity.
Who doesn't love pretty nails? People have even started piercing their nails for a new, unique look. With the ever-growing trend of nail art, the latest craze among girls is to get their nails painted with amazing designs created using special paints, stickers, beads, flowers, stars, and even stones.
To create these designs, you can either take the help of a professional, or you can use your own imagination and creativity.
Nail art is a wonderful way of expressing creativity, going wild with your imagination, and achieving an amazing, stunning look in the process. Once you use these ideas, we're sure you're going to be flashing your hands delicately here and there a lot more than you used to!

How To Proceed

For coming up with dazzling patterns of your own, you need to file your nails properly with a file first, after which you will need a clear base coat, a top coat, nail polish/color, and a toothpick.
Apply the base coat on your nails, and add a coat of nail color. Let it dry properly on its own.
Paint your nails with the help of a toothpick dipped in your favorite color. Create your own patterns and designs to adorn them and then add the final coat/top coat so as to ensure their long life.
Before applying the top coat, you can also add glitter to make your designs more noticeable. Although doing this yourself can be a bit time-consuming and may require a lot of time and effort, it is worth it.
In case you don't have enough time for doing this, you can use fabric or stickers for the very same purpose.
  • Make an outline of your nails on a paper, and cut the fabric which you've chosen according to these dimensions.
  • Now for placing this fabric on the nail, you can either apply an adhesive coat or a thick coat of transparent nail polish.
  • Place the cut pieces of fabric on the nail and follow up with another thick coat. However, using stickers is a simpler way for creating innovative designs.

Creative Nail Art

Choose designs and colors based on the season and occasion. Formerly pink was commonly used but today, gold, red and blue are widely used. You can opt for freehand designs you can create using brushes, acrylic paints, beads, glitter, etc.
Generally, liquid and powder nail extensions are known as acrylic nails. Here, colored powders are blended to produce different shades, along with glitter, crushed shells, dried flowers, beads, pearls, and even stones that are embedded to create fascinating patterns.
A French manicure is another simple yet stunning innovation that imparts a classy look to your nails. It can be developed by using acrylic (liquid and powder), fiberglass, or even UV gels. When creating these designs, the first step is to use a white enamel for painting the free edge of the nail.
For special occasions like weddings or parties, you can select more intricate designs. Nail piercings for wearing jewelry is another popular option. Gemstones, rhinestones, and pearls can make for dazzling nails especially for a wedding.
For occasions like Christmas, you can make a Christmas tree or holly leaves on your nails.
For Valentine's Day, red hearts or Cupid would look fabulous.
Make sure to choose a shimmering, dazzling color and design that suits your personality, and add some glitter, beads, or flowers to that for creating a unique look for your nails. You can always take professional help, but also try to unleash your own creativity to the maximum for some really sensational nail art. Happy dazzling!