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Dazzling DIY Nail Designs You Must Try Today

Dhanya Joy Sep 29, 2018
There are a wide variety of nail designs that you can make at home. All you need for creating gorgeous nail art are some simple tools and lots of patience.
You don't really need to be good at art or be an artist, for creating beautiful nail designs. Mastering nail art is not that hard and it gives you an opportunity to explore your creativity.
With some simple materials and techniques you can create pretty nail designs. There are a number of nail art kits that are available commercially, but you can very well do without them too.
You can refer to some online tutorials, but otherwise there is not much that you will need to create beautiful nail art.

DIY Nail Designs

Materials Required
~ Nail polish - Sheer pink and white nail polish
~ Scotch tape
~ Nail dotting tool
~ Nail polish remover
~ Cotton swabs

~ Tear out small bits of scotch tape, one for each nail.
~ Apply the scotch tape, along the entire edge of your nail tips in such a way that only the whites of your nail tips remain exposed.
~ Now, apply the white nail polish only to your nail tips. Allow it to dry for 5 to 7 minutes and once you are sure that it has dried, peel off the scotch tape gently.
~ Next, dip a brush in nail polish remover and run it gently over the bottom line of the nail tip.
~ Dip the nail dotting tool in the white nail polish and use this tool to dot the nail in a row, right below the tip.
~ Allow the white dots to dry completely and then apply the pink nail paint, that is the base coat, to the entire nail.
~ Once the paint has dried, your nail art is done.
Materials Required
~ White nail polish
~ Three nail polish shades (in popping colors)
~ Paintbrushes (small)
~ Nail polish remover
~ Clear top coat
~ Small plate

~ Take a paintbrush and dip it in a nail polish color. Apply a bit of this nail paint on the plate.

~ Repeat this step for all the nail polishes except the white one.
~ Apply a coat of white nail polish and wait for it to dry completely.
~ Dip another paintbrush in the nail polish remover and then dip it in the first nail polish color to dilute it.
~ Use the paintbrush to make small rounded flower shapes on your nail. It does not have to be perfect.
~ Use the same technique to make floral designs with the other two nail polish colors.
~ Once the paint is dry, apply a coat of clear nail polish.
Materials Required
~ Nail polish - white, blue, and red
~ Thin paintbrush
~ Clear top coat

~ Apply the white nail polish, as the base coat and let it dry well.
~ Then, apply the bright blue nail polish diagonally on the lower half of the nail and allow it to dry.
~ Once it is dry, dip a paintbrush in red nail polish, and paint thin red diagonal stripes on the white upper portion of the nail.
~ Similarly, use the white nail polish to make small dots on the blue area, representing the white stars on the flag.
~ Allow it to dry well, then apply the top coat to the nails.
Materials Required
~ Black nail polish
~ Glitter nail polish (silver or gold)
~ Scotch tape
~ Clear top coat

~ Apply a coat of glitter nail polish on your nails.
~ Cut four to five strips of scotch tape in long, triangular shape.
~ Now, place these strips over a nail so that the strips are spaced out and does not overlap each other. Apply a bit of pressure on the strips to make sure that they stay in place.
~ Next, apply a coat of black nail polish all over your nail.
~ Remove the scotch strips carefully from your nail, making sure that you do not smudge the nail polish.
~ Once the paint is dry, apply a top coat.
Materials Required
~ Nail polish - black and white
~ Toothpick
~ Thin paintbrush
~ Clear top coat

~ Paint your fingernails in alternating black and white and let it dry well.
~ On the nails that are painted white, use black nail paint to draw smiley faces like a smile, a frown, a wink, etc.
~ On the ones that are painted black, do the same with white nail paint.
~ Allow the paint to dry completely.
~ Finally, apply a top coat and allow it to dry.
From nautical inspired nail patterns to ombre nails, there are many patterns that you can create. You can also experiment with different color combinations and crystals, to create unique art.