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21 Nail Art Designs for Prom

Mubasherin Sayed Jan 9, 2019
Gone are the days when looking great was just confined to how you style your hair and what you wear. These days people check you out from head to toe, from the tips of your hair to the tips of your fingers.
Life is all about being happy and if a dash of nail color can elevate this feeling a bit, it's so worth it. Perhaps one of the most happiest and exciting days in life is prom. The preparations go out for weeks in advance, not only in terms of the theme, but also what one would do to look utterly gorgeous and steal all the limelight.
If you ask us, we'd say that this night is more like the red carpet event of the movie of your life. Be it a junior or a senior prom, you are expected to look no less than the glitterati of school.
Most people just focus on their dress, hair, and makeup; but girls, don't discard the highly essential nail grooming, as your prom date will notice them when he politely asks you to join him for a dance. Yes, your nails and hands ought to be as perfect as your hair and dress.
While you can always soften the skin of your hands by applying an awesome-smelling lotion, your nails need a bit more than that. Have a look at the following section and see how you can glam them up for this special occasion.

21 Gorgeous Nail Art Ideas for Prom

The options are endless really; you can opt for anything from an attractive single nail paint that accentuates your skin tone and complements your dress, to a simple-yet-classy French manicure that gives your nails a clean and appealing look.
However, if you want to go beyond these two options, then we would suggest you to keep in mind a few things. First off, what would be the theme of the prom, and second, what mood do you want to reflect.
Yes, your nails can speak a lot of your mood. For instance, a vibrant bold nail color reflects your bold avatar, while soft shades with a dash of glitter reflect a sweet girl who's up for a fun and glamorous evening!
If you're unsure of what nail design you would want to go with, on this prom, the following ideas will definitely help you decide a way.

Let the Gold Shine on You

It isn't just plain gold enamel, it is 'Gold' enamel! It is the color of the bold and gorgeous. This color would go perfectly with any dress, especially if it is single colored. Just go for the glossy metallic nail paint that makes your nails shine like real gold.

Go Offbeat with Those Rhinestones

The all-time-favorite add-on for nails, rhinestones, can look great even when they are placed outside the nails.
Paint your nails with plain shade(s) of colors and place these accents artistically on your fingers, giving it an overall look of water droplets. Ensure you use good-quality accents that stay intact while you let your hands loose to enjoy the moves and grooves of the party.

Polka Dots are Never Out of Style!

Although this is a typical girly design, trust us, it will only add to your cuteness and femininity. Pretty simple to do really.
One coat of mid-tone pink nude shade with white dots on all fingernails except the ring fingernail. Take a bow-shaped accent in a darker shade of pink and stick it on the nail of the ring finger. You're ready!

Be the Star of the Night

To feel like the star of the night, there's nothing that will complement your look better than this. The merger of a transparent coat with black nail color and silver glittery paint just replicates the beauty of a starry night. These colors will also go well with any attire.

A Bold Melange of Colors and Shapes!

This nail art surely reflects your love for bold colors and geometry!
Notice the random black patches that are adorned with white circles and accents that are not only colorful but also remind you of various geometric shapes. This one is for the smart, stylish, and pretty girl who loves such shapes and patterns.

Let it Come from Your Heart

A fairly simple-to-do-yet-attractive design would be to add these cute heart-shaped stickers and crystal accents to the classy French manicure.
The extra hearts placed on the fingers are just for the visual effect. Just keep the accessorizing within the nails if you don't want to come off as a mushy, lovestruck, or desperate-for-love kinda girl. It's not a turn on.

When the Gold Met the Pearls!

Why settle for just gold when you can also add the pearls and crystals to your dazzle? Isn't this design simply ravishing and royal!
The way the bow is made on the ring finger gives it a caviar-nail-art look. And the crystals make the nails look as if they are studded with pretty little diamonds!

Go Green with a Caviar Touch!

Who doesn't love bright colors? And when it comes to green, it is the color of positivity!
A combination of yellow and different shades of green is used to adorn each fingernail distinctively from the other. Flower-shaped stick-ons give a delicate touch to the design. The ring finger is done using the caviar technique.

Go Floral with Green Glittery Tips

A comparatively simple, but no less glamour.
Design would be painting the tips of the nails with glitter nail paint, of course after you paint the entire nail with a transparent base coat. On the ring finger, use a fine brush to draw a delicate floral design and enchant everyone with the beauty and delicateness of this look.

The Cool-yet-glittery Aqua Theme

If you're one of those girls who are both cool and glamorous in their own way, then this is what will work for you.
The approach is pretty much the same as the previous design, it's just that instead of the floral design, the ring fingernail is adorned with blue crystals, and the inner curves of the painted nails are outlined with a silver glittery nail paint.

The Evergreen Leopard Print!

If the theme of your prom night is related to animals, then you can opt for this design.
Even if that's not the case, we assure you that you can never go wrong with an animal print. Instead of the standard leopard print colors―yellow, brown, black―you can add your own choice of colors to the background, and then draw the patterns over them. Looks amazingly hot, doesn't it?

Enchanted by Peacock Colors, Are you?

We can't think of any other bird whose feathers are as mesmerizing and enchanting as the peacock!
It is a bird of a different league, and this nail art will take you to a different league as well. Apart from the colors―deep blue, green, gold―use glitter paints and fine paint brushes to draw feathery outlines to accentuate the design.

White Vines and Silver Stars

Doesn't this design remind you of an elegant vintage era? Or a princess in a story book? Or the beautiful snowfall against a silver sky?
No matter what it reminds you of, this design surely does capture your attention for good. A silver glittery nail polish in the background with some beautiful vine-like patterns drawn over it. Very easy to do, provided you have a hand at drawing.

Go Cheery Blossom

Who says that this design always needs to be in pink? No matter what colors you choose, a cherry blossom theme always looks as beautiful as beautiful could be.
Match the colors of the nail art with the colors of your outfit, or, go for a completely opposite color combination that perfectly contrasts your look. With a design so delicate and pretty, he will surely hold your hands for the entire evening, not only admiring this design, but also you.

The Hot and Cool Shimmer

What we love about this nail design is the fact that it has both the hot and cool elements.
The vibrant orange-gold-silver glitters in the background are colors of the summer, while the beautifully drawn snowflakes pattern on each nail depict the winter cold. In a nutshell, this design depicts the coexistence of the two sides to your look or persona―hot and cool!

Artsy Black and Gray Airbrushed Nails

Nail art includes many techniques, most of them being easy to do at home with some practice. However, for those perfectly airbrushed nails, we suggest you take help of a professional.
If you have the time to visit a nail salon, take your dress along and get a matching nail art done, probably matching patterns of the nail art with your dress. It will look so cool and everyone will appreciate you for the time and effort you've put in to look special on this extremely special occasion.

The Magic of Glitter and Polka Dots

We have already discussed how glitter paints on the nail tips can add to the charm of your nail art. At times, that's all you need to do!
However, if you want to take a step further, then why not add a border of polka dots on the rim? On the nail of the ring finger, draw circles with bold outlines. You're done.

A Dash of Silver Lining!

Silver linings don't just go alongside every cloud, even your nails look gorgeous with them. You can either apply glittery silver stripes on a French manicure, or paint the entire nail black or blue and then add this stroke. Irrespective, it will look spectacular!

Go Winter-themed!

If you absolutely love the colors of winter, or if that is the theme that could work for you this prom, why not go for this design?
Use shades of white, silver, blue, and gold to give your nails a winter wonderland kinda look. Snowflakes are an indispensable part of this theme. You can either draw them using a striper pen, or a thin brush. You can also opt for snowflake-shaped sticker strips to adorn your nails with.

Alternate the Colors!

Finally, we have chosen a design that needs no specific time and artistic skills, but manages to do the trick. Just choose some nice bright colors (that suit the prom theme and your look) and alternately paint them on each nail.

Simple Stripes with a Crystal Touch!

This design is best when you don't want to go overboard with your nail art, or if your dress is quite catchy in terms of work and patterns on it. Just do a French manicure and make multiple V-shaped stripes on the nails with two (or three) colors. Stick a rhinestone sticker on the tip of the 'V' and let the nail paint dry. Simple, easy, and beautiful!
While most of the designs included here are easily doable at home, of course, with some practice beforehand, if you feel that you wouldn't want to take a chance on this day with the whole DIY approach, it is best you seek help of someone who knows this task quite well.
So girls, get ready for the exciting night! These nail designs will give you a ravishing look. They will not only make you look pretty, but also make you 'feel' pretty. Have fun at the prom. Cheers!