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10 Negative Space Nail Art Ideas You Should Try Out

Buzzle Staff Sep 29, 2018
Along with flaunting some pretty nail paint, you can show a glimpse of your nails too. Get the best of both worlds; negative space nail art is here!
Other than the regular stuff like base coat, top coat, and colorful nail polish, you're gonna need lots of tape, different stencils, and thin brushes. Different shapes can be cut out of paper or even tape, so let your creative juices flow!

Negative Space Nail Art Designs

Green With a Pop of Blue!

You can first apply green polish and then carve out this design using a toothpick. Another way is to cut a zigzag piece of tape and stick it on the nail. Apply nail polish as usual and remove the tape when it dries.

Color Me Orange

This nail art is not as complicated as it seems. All you need is a little tape and lots of patience! Let every strip dry properly before painting the next one. Don't forget to apply the top coat.

Dazzling Blue

Use metallic blue to create a funky design. The best part is that you don't even need too many tools for this one.


Can we ever get enough of black? Nope! Black looks more stunning when your natural nail peeks a little. For a simple and fuss-free idea like this, use tape and paint each strip separately. Let every strip dry properly before proceeding to the next one.

Funk it Up

For a casual chic look, opt for colors like pink, purple, blue, or green. Pair them and play with different patterns. You can paint the tips white to give your nails a neat look.

Purple Perfection

You'll need a thin brush and a steady hand for this design. Use stencils if patience is not one of your virtues.

Cool Coral

We love coral! So here's a fun way to flaunt it on your toenails. Tape will assist in getting this design just right.

Shimmer With Pink

To get this effect you can use a top coat with glitter in it or a shimmery shade of pink. You can also try this nail art with a bold gold or fiery red for a more voguish look.

Flower it Up!

You will need some expertise to cut cute flowers from tape or paper for this one. Or just buy some stencils. Use bold colors to enhance the design and overall look.

Strikingly Simple!

Get a pop of color with some yellow and orange! Pair these two bright colors for those perfect summer nails.