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Things You MUST Know Before Getting a Permanent French Manicure

Permanent French Manicure
Are you the kind that wished a French manicure would never come off so easy? It's one thing to use good quality stuff, but it's another to have something that lasts for days using alternative means...
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
French manicures are ladylike and dainty, with an air of sophistication when you spot a woman with a job well done on the manicure front. There was a time when I was fixated with the whole French manicure thing, sporting the look every chance I got to head down to the salon. It's a style of manicuring that is still a trend setter till date, with girls and women falling in love repeatedly with this chic nail look. There are so many other ways of showing off a well manicured pair of hands with nail art, colorful abstract nail paint work and shimmery, eye blinding mixes.
The French manicure manages to stay at the top of the list, with its all round elegance and ever fashionable look. It goes well with practically any outfit, with the classic stark white tips carefully bordering the outlines of a woman's cuticles. Who doesn't love to sit down and get her nails done herself or sit back while someone else does them for you? If you're into a French manicure and it frustrates you when it starts to chip away on day 2 or 3, then a permanent French manicure is just what you need.
How Does One Get a Permanent Manicure Done?
The new way that's been catching on now with a French manicure, is to interchange the color with what you love, working out the same principle but replacing the white nail polish. Neat right? The whole look of the French manicure seems incomplete with that perfect white strip bordering the cuticle, with the entire nail painted to perfection to make it glossy and pearl like. To have a permanent French manicure done, it costs around $50 or more depending on where you get it done. Permanent French manicures need tending to, every 3 weeks or so by going back to the same salon that had it done for you.
✿ A basic, temporary French manicure doesn't use permanent based materials, whereas a permanent one covers a completely different technique. Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into, since the nail coating used is strong, and can make your nail brittle over time. A good salon is the best place to have it done, and not a place that wouldn't qualify as professional.

✿ The manicurist will use a technique called airbrushing instead of the usual apply and dry. After the nail is airbrushed, a UV sealant is used to protect the underlying layer. This sealant is similar to that of nail polish but is much durable.

 It is applied like regular nail polish except for the drying process where your hands are placed under UV light for quick drying, and hardening.

✿ Avoid going to salons that use acrylic during the process, which is a mix of a powder and liquid that is applied to the nails before it is sealed in. This contains methyl methacrylate liquid monomers which hardens over time, forming porcelain like nails over your natural ones. It can penetrate your skin and cause a series of allergic reactions and irritations that are quite poisonous for use in salons. The known side effects that MMA can induce are damage done to the nervous system, abnormal functioning of the reproductive system, damaging a fetus in development, causing kidney problems and much more.
Having a permanent French manicure done is a technique that needs to be tip-toed towards with caution, since this over time can lead to brittle nails. Stock up on vitamins that help strengthen nails with traces of iodine and magnesium in them. For those who want to stay safe, should always inquire about if acrylic is used during the procedure and if it is, then just opt for a regular French manicure or go someplace else.
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