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11 Pretty Caviar Manicure Designs to Die for

11 Pretty Caviar Manicure Designs to Die for

Caviar is not just for eating! Do the caviar manicure and enhance your nails into a super-hot statement accessory. NailArtMag covers the tutorial for doing caviar at home, along with various designs to die for.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018
Caviar Trick!
Match the color of your nail polish to the microbeads to glorify the caviar look.
Ready to do away with your old, smooth polish look and flaunt around with something glittery? This grainy layer of microbeads on your nails can give the effect of actually having dipped them in caviar.

  • The stunning caviar look that Jessica Biel  carried (still fresh in our minds) inspires us to try this nail art all the more.

  • Caviar nail art can be daunting at first, but with little guidance and patience, anyone can swank with those beautifully embellished nails.

  • You can use Ciaté Caviar Manicure kits, or ask for microbeads in the local market.

  • Caviar manicure is also up for Halloween.
11 Designs to Die For
The caviar, in itself, is too much of a thing to accessorize the nails, but we've tried to play around with the beads and sequins, giving you some amazing designs to pick from. Choose the one that goes with your attire, and get the job done.
DIY Rainbow Caviar Manicure
Aren't the designs above absolutely breathtaking? The designs may seem time-consuming and unmanageable, but trust me, with these simple steps, you'll rock the art of doing it. And yeah, it can be done at home, rather than spending hundreds of dollars at a nail spa.

Have the supplies ready. You'll need a base coat polish, opaque white nail polish, multicolored microbeads, a top coat polish, and a thinner and cotton balls for care considerations.
caviar supplies
Step 1 - Apply a thin layer of base coat polish to prepare the nails.

Step 2 - Add a coat of opaque white nail polish. Consider using cotton balls and thinner for best results. Don't overcoat your nails. Allow your nails to dry completely; we would suggest to let them dry for an hour.
caviar manicure base
Step 3 - Have the microbeads ready with you, pour them in a wide container from the bottle, 'cause we'll need them right after painting the tips. Apply a coat of white nail polish on just the tips, and wait for 10 seconds, so it can set but not dry.

Step 4 - Plunge your nails in the microbeads. If you see spaces, place your hand on top of a clean surface. Tap your finger to remove the excessive beads. You can also use nail glue to be precise about doing caviar just on the tips.

Step 5 - Now, carefully press down on each nail to assure that the caviar beads stick to the nail polish. Be certain that you use a clean dry finger pad when pushing beads into the nail polish.
caviar manicure
Step 6 - Apply a top coat to seal the caviar into place. Doing this will extend the life of your manicure. Let the polish set completely, else it will look messy.

Your Rainbow Caviar Manicure is done! Wasn't it easy? All you gotta do is paint, dip, shake, and set, and in about 15 minutes, your nails will look like those Sno-Caps candies.Yum!
Like all good things come with a price, this fabulous caviar manicure doesn't last for more than 3 days―the beads start falling off. You can use nail glue to extend the life of your caviar for up to 7 days! This manicure is so damn appetizing! So, are you into the caviar manicure?