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Really Cool 4th of July Nail Art Design Ideas

Really Cool 4th of July Nail Art Design Ideas

Whether you're looking for a less obvious Independence Day manicure, or would like to go all out, NailArtMag has the perfect designs to excite you. Go through the article to find 17 really cool 4th of July nail art design ideas, and celebrate the day in style.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
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Traditionally, families celebrate Fourth of July by organizing picnics or barbecues, going to parades, and/or attend a fireworks show at night. Everywhere you look, people will either wear clothes that have the design of the U.S. flag on it, or choose to wear red, white, and blue clothing; basically, the whole atmosphere changes. Apart from this, many people like to travel to different cities and states to experience Independence Day celebrations.

As for our fashionistas, just having the "right" attire isn't enough. If you're going to be celebrating 4th of July in style, shouldn't your nails get some attention as well? And keeping this small, yet vital, information in mind, we decided to put together a few nail art designs that might come in handy. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started, and get those nails painted.
17 Easy 4th of July Nail Art Ideas
To make sure your nails are festive enough for the parties, be creative with the designs, and give it plenty of time to dry properly. Otherwise, you'll put tremendous amount of time and effort on the nails, and a slight smudge could ruin it all. So, take necessary precautions, and rock the red, white, and blue look with these adorable nail art designs.
To successfully get your fingernails and toenails painted like this, make sure you have the three most essential items in your possession―red, white, and blue nail polishes. We know that it's pretty obvious that you won't be able to go any further without these. However, it is our responsibility to give you guys a heads up.
Red, White, and Blue Nail Polish Bottles
Also, if you want to decorate any of these designs even further, you can use glitter nail polish, stickers, acrylic diamonds and stars, and rhinestone bowknots.
Important Nail Art Tips
Glitter Nail Polish Bottles
Before you choose any of the designs mentioned above, you need to be armed with the most essential tool required for a professional-looking mani―a nail art kit.

If you don't want to purchase one, you can make your own kit as well. In this kit, you need to have the most basic manicure-pedicure items, such as nail scissors, orange stick, nail clipper, nail file, a soaking bowl, nail polish remover, cotton balls, cuticle oil, hand cream, base/top coat polishes, and toe separators.

Now depending on how creative you want to be, after your nails have dried completely, apply the clear top coat on. This will help seal the polish in, and prevent it from chipping for a long time. And as a final touch, apply a coat of glitter nail polish.
Now that you have an amazing collection of designs, and information of using the proper tools for the manicure, all that's left to do is have fun with the polishes. We hope that these designs have inspired you enough to create your own version of patriotic nails. Whether you're creating the designs from scratch, or are using the stick-on nails, we know it's going to be a fashionable Fourth of July weekend.