An Ultimate Guide for Removing Acrylic Nails

Removing Acrylic Nails
For that perfect finish, many women go in for an application of acrylic nails. While these have to be applied by professionals, they can be removed at home as well. In this following Buzzle article, we will highlight the correct method of removing these nails.
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Flaunting long and shapely nails is a matter of pride for many women out there, so much so, that if one is not blessed with them naturally, or one cannot grow them out for some reason, or they are brittle owing to the office and home chores, there is always the option of acrylic nails made available. Manicures help in achieving beautiful hands, but those long nails can be brought on with acrylic extensions.
These extensions have to be applied with the help of professionals who have been trained in this task. Which is why, a visit to the salon is a must. The good news though is that these nails can be removed by oneself, without having to make a special trip to the salon. In this Buzzle article, we will take you through the process of how to go about removing acrylic nails in the comfort of your own home.
Tips to Remove Acrylic Nails
Things Required
  • Pure acetone
  • Glass bowl
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Waste newspaper or plastic sheet
  • Olive oil or a strong hand moisturizer or hand cream
► Find a steady, strong work area, like a kitchen table where you will have lots of space and a strong support to rest your hands on.

► Spread a couple of sheets of newspaper on the table or cover the area with a plastic sheet to prevent damage due to acetone spills.

► Clip your nails as short as possible. File any gel or top coat on acrylic nail, using the filer.

► Pour pure acetone in the glass bowl.

► Apply some petroleum jelly on your fingers, avoiding the nails.

► Next, dip your fingers in the bowl. Ensure that the nails are completely dipped in. Leave your fingers in for 15 to 20 minutes. This is very important because the acetone works in loosening the nail glue that was used to apply the nails. The petroleum jelly is applied to your fingers in order to prevent the skin from becoming dry due to the acetone.

► Take your fingers out from the bowl in about 20 minutes, and try to gently peel the nails off. In case the nails do not come off easily, soak your hands in the bowl for another 5 to 10 minutes.

► It is important that you do not use excessive force to peel the acrylic nails off or your natural nails may suffer damage.

► In case a small amount of nail glue is still left on your nails, remove this using the nail buffer. Make sure to use a light touch to prevent your nails from getting damaged.

► After you have got the artificial nails off your fingers, wash your hands properly with water to remove even the slightest trace of acetone and petroleum jelly.

► Next, apply generous amounts of olive oil or hand cream and massage the same into your hands. This will replenish the skin with the moisture that was lost due to the effect of the acetone.

► Alternatively, in place of soaking your fingers in acetone, you can take ten cotton balls dipped in pure acetone and place one on each fingernail. To hold them in place, wrap each fingertip with foil wraps and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then follow the previous method of acrylic nail removal as discussed above.

The beautiful nail designs that are available in acrylic nails, really makes wearing these artificial nails worthwhile. And now that you know the right method of removing these nails at home, you can continue experimenting, without having to visit the salon and spend time and money.
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