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Step-by-step Instructions to Do Ombre Nail Art at Home

Step-by-step Instructions to Do Ombre Nail Art at Home
With as little as 2 nail polish colors, you can create ombre nails in no time. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this NailArtMag post to learn not 1, but 3 unique ways to do an ombre mani.
Sheetal Mandora
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Make a paste with honey, avocado, egg yolk, and sea salt, and massage into your nails. Leave it on for 30 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water.
Ombre nails may seem tough and unachievable on your own, but the truth is, anyone can create these gorgeous-looking mani right at home. The only tip to remember is the selection of the nail polish colors. Even though different shades from the same color family are complementing, using contrasting colors gives a more vibrant effect.

But before we do that, you need a base color for your mani. You can apply …
  1. white polish; the colors you apply over it will pop.
  2. nude polish; it will give your mani a subtle pop.
  3. lightest polish of the ombre mani colors.
Once you have selected the colors, the next few steps are to clean and trim your nails, push back the cuticles, wipe every fingernail with cotton balls dipped in the polish remover, and apply the base coat. After this, select either of the 3 ombre manicure styles from below.
Ombre Nails - Style 1
Step 1 - First, we will gather all the necessary items required for the nail art―polish remover, cotton swabs, square or triangle makeup sponge, black and red nail polish, clear nail polish, and a glass of water.
Tools for red black ombre nail art
Step 2 - Apply 2 coats of (RED OR PINK) nail polish and let it dry completely.
Red nails for ombre art
Step 3 - Open the bottles (but keep the lid on top), and place the glass of water in front of you. Dip the sponge in water and squeeze some water out so that it's not soaking wet. This little trick will keep the polish from seeping into the sponge.
Step 4 - Quickly and efficiently, apply the black polish at the bottom of the sponge and the (RED OR PINK) polish on top.
Sponge with nail paints
Step 5 - Take the sponge and lightly press it on top of your fingernail. It's okay if the polish comes on your skin; we will clean it up in the end.
Ombre colors sponge over nails
Step 6 - Again spread both nail polishes on the sponge to complete the nail art on all the nails.

Step 7 - Let the nail art dry completely. Once dry, dip a cotton swab in the polish remover and clean up the sides and around the cuticles.
Red black ombre nails
Step 8 - Apply the top coat to seal the nail art properly.
Ombre Nails - Style 2
Step 1 - Gather all the necessary items for the nail art―polish remover, cotton swabs, clear nail polish, and 4 blue nail polish shades.
Tools for blue ombre nail art
Step 2 - Apply 2 coats of blue nail polish and let it dry completely.
Step 3 - Apply the first layer with the light nail polish shade and let it dry properly.
Blue ombre nail art
Step 4 - Now, we will apply the next shade. Leave some space at the top and using quick, long strokes, apply the second shade.
Blue nail art
Step 5 - When the second layer is dry, apply the third layer in the same manner.
Ombre blue nail art
Step 6 - The fourth layer goes on top once the third layer is completely dry.
Blue color ombre nail art
Step 7 - Finally, apply the fifth layer, the darkest polish, at the very edge of your nails. Do this for all the fingernails.
Blue ombre nail art
Step 8 - Once the nail art has dried completely, apply the top coat to seal the polish.
Ombre Nails - Style 3
Step 1 - Place all the nail polish shades in front of you, but don't open the lids like we did previously.
Watercolor Painted Nail Polishes
Step 2 - Starting on either side, apply 5 different shades individually on every fingernail.
Purple ombre effect nail paint
Step 3 - Once the nail polish is dry, apply the top coat to seal the polish properly.
Select your favorite nail polish shades and brands to get super sexy, eye-catching ombre mani.