Toenail Designs

When you can wallow yourselves in a myriad of design options, it is just impossible to let those digits of yours to not get adorned by them. Here's presenting some quirky and elegant toenail design ideas to satiate your trend-driven whims.
NailArtMag Staff
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
A Step Ahead
It would be a good idea to match your toenail art with the footwear you are wearing, thus enhancing your artistic efforts.
While fingernail sculpting and nail art designs have always been a favorite in the world of beauty and fashion, toenail designs too have become quite a popular trend recently. Although the nails of your toes are always maintained at a shorter length, the beautiful designs on clean pedicured feet can look absolutely amazing. Moreover, unlike the common misconception, these designs are pretty easy to do. With a range of nail polish colors and acrylic paints available in the market, creating remarkable designs on your toenails is a walk in the park. From sparkly, colorful flower designs to the perfect French pedicure design ideas, here is a look at some cool designs.
Flowery Designs
The simplest and the most versatile of all designs, bright, colorful flowers on the nails look extremely pretty. Use bright colors like orange, blue, and/or red and create your beautiful flower designs on it. For creating your beautiful toenail flower design, apply a layer of base coat and then brush on a coat of bright purple color (for instance). Using a nail art brush, add a water-based white nail polish, and draw a lily in the middle of the toenail. Now use a yellow nail art brush to draw little scattered flowers around the lily. Spray on some golden nail art polish and finish off with a layer of top coat to retain and secure the shine. French manicures with small rhinestone flowers are also a good idea for your toenail design.
Valentine Touch
For a cute heart design on your toenail, apply white nail polish on your toenails. Once the polish has dried, use a nail art brush dipped into color gel in red. Draw small hearts with the red paint and fill it up. Allow the nail polish to dry, before applying a top coat. Instead of the hearts, bright red roses on a pink base allows you to jazz up your nails for the special day.
Shine with Rhinestones
This is a simple and easy-to-do design which looks elegant and quite pretty. All you need is a base coat, a golden-colored (or any other color) nail polish, top coat, and gemstones. First apply the base coat on the nails and once it has dried off, apply the color. Now place a gemstone on each corner of the toenail and apply a topcoat. Now put five more gemstones around the initial one on the big toe and apply the top coat.
Go the French Way
A neutral or natural-colored polish on the nail bed accented by a strip of white on the very tip of the nail is probably one of the best ways to give your toenails a touch of beauty and elegance. You can use rhinestones and decals to add some designs to your toenails. Use glue made for rhinestones to make beautiful designs and flowers after you have your French pedicure done.
In addition to these designs, you can use some cool animal designs, bridal designs, marine nail art designs, etc. Whether it is wild and wacky or cool and elegant, the basic thing to keep in mind when you are getting the perfect toenail design is to keep your feet clean and the nails trimmed. There is nothing as beautiful as elegant toenail art on nice, pedicured feet. If the designs for toenails are not perfect for your natural nails, then you might want to use some artificial nails to create perfect nail art designs at home.
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