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21 Valentine's Day Nail Art Design Ideas to Celebrate Creatively

Creative Valentine's Day Nail Art Design Ideas
Getting your nails done for the most romantic day of the year is not just important, but mandatory. NailArtMag has rounded up 21 incredibly creative Valentine's Day nail art designs that will put you in the mood for love.
Sheetal Mandora
Letters to Juliet
Did you know that each year, on Valentine's Day, thousands of people write letters to Juliet and send it to Verona? The letters mostly contain an individual's questions, doubts, and/or opinions for Juliet about their love life.
The first step to gorgeous-looking nails is a good-quality nail polish, because everything else can come after that. It's tough to create any type of nail art if you begin with thick, gluggy polish, right? So, in order to sport a sexy and attention-grabbing mani, you have to finalize a design that'll do just that. You don't need complicated designs that take hours to finish. With our gorgeous collection of 21 simple, yet elegant Valentine's day nail art ideas, we guarantee that if paired with your outfit for the night, the combination will blow his socks off.
Nail Art with Hearts
It may be a cliché for some women, but a mani for Valentine's Day gets a little extra love with gorgeous designs made with hearts. You can go with the classic combination of red and gold nails, but this year, we thought to give other colors a chance. Yes, red is one of the more popular shades for this day. But, why follow an idea just because it's popular? Check out these ideas.
Purple nails
Yellow nails
Pink nails
Red nails
Acrylic nails
Dark blue nails
Acrylic birds
Black nails
Silver nails
Yellow pink nails
Teddy bear nails
Nail Art without Hearts
Just because it's Valentine's Day, it doesn't mean every woman will be interested in getting a mani with hearts. Yes, hearts are one of the most sought-after ideas for a nail art, but you're not obligated to follow it. Some women may want to think outside the box and try unconventional things instead. So, if you've had enough of the cutsie hearts, glitter, and rhinestones, here are some excellent designs for you to choose from.
Purple glitter nails
Gold spikes
Black and white
Floral nails
Leopard nails
Blue yellow nails
Black tipped nails
Blue red nails
Purple gold nails
Spray effect nails
Whether you want to try your hand at heart designs or something else altogether, make sure to choose nail polish shades that will complement your attire for the evening. Take your time while doing the mani as you don't want to get distracted or not find enough time to let the nail art dry completely. And before applying a coat of clear polish on top, make sure to wipe any polish that may have come on to the skin. There's nothing worse than smudged nails, especially on Valentine's night.