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Silk Wrap Nails Vs. Gel Nails - Which One Should You Choose

Silk Wrap Nails Vs. Gel Nails
Almost all girls and women are concerned about how the appearance of their nails. Obviously, even you wouldn't want dirty, chipped nails. A good manicure has become an essential part of grooming nowadays. However, there are wide varieties of manicure and even nail arts available at your salon or stores, and choosing an appropriate method can be tricky.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Did You Know?
Our nails and hair are made up of the same stuff Keratin. It is a tough protein substance in our hair, fingernails, and skin.
Artificial nails are a blessing for women who don't know how to file their nails, or those who have short brittle nails, and of course, how can we forget those who have this habit of chewing their nails constantly. Consequently, women are embarrassed about their nails since they look ungainly and unhealthy. Luckily, we women have many options now, when it comes to artificial nails, but more the options, the more confused we are.

Just like the rest of our body, we want our nails to look clean, healthy, and well-groomed too. If you have broken or chipped nails, you could always opt for artificial ones. Both Silk Wrap nails and Gel nails enhance the beauty and length of your nails, giving them a more feminine look. However, before deciding on which artificial nails to go for, you should try to understand the pros and cons of each type. Nail extensions have become a part of modern beauty treatments, especially for teenagers and working ladies, since they don't have the time to groom their nails themselves. Various materials are used to make artificial nails attractive. Colors, glitter, and even nail art adds to the beauty of nails. It's easy to wear and remove these nails, so you don't always have to go to the salon for a manicure.
Silk Wrap Nails Vs. Gel Nails
Gels can be more damaging than silk. Gels, unlike silk, have no solvent, and the only way of removing gel nails are by pulling them off with a yanker, which can do more damage to your nails. Silk wrap nails are applied with a super glue, so they are water soluble, you can easily remove them by soaking your hands in acetone for a while.
Silk wrap nails
Silk wrap nails
◼ These are beneficial for nails that are naturally weak, brittle, or damaged. They add strength and sometimes, length to your nails. In fact, this type is used to add length to your brittle nails.
Gel nails
Gel nails
◼ An advanced type of fragile artificial nails, these are used to make your nails look more attractive. They give a natural and glossy look to your nails. They are known to be odorless compared to the other types.
◼ They are made of sheets of silk-like materials such as fiberglass or synthetic silk.

◼ The materials used are similar to acrylic nails, such as monomer liquid, polymer powder, etc.
◼ These are thinner, and hence, provide space for your nails to breathe. There is no fungal growth under silk wrap nails.

◼ There always exists a risk of fungal growth, as these nails are pretty heavy, and there is less space for your natural nails to breathe.
◼ They are less expensive as compared to gel nails.

◼ These are more expensive, as their manufacturing process is a bit lengthy and slightly complicated.
How to Apply?
◼ Silk pieces are cut according to the shape of the nails and sealed down with resin or glue. Once sealed, you could use acrylic nail art on top, or you could file your nails and leave them as they are.

◼ Usually, these nails are extensions; one coat of primer is applied, followed by a layer of UV nail gel. Then, the hand is placed under UV light. This procedure is followed for the second and third layer. You can always file or buffer your nails to get the desired length and shape; you could leave them plain, or do some nail art for an extraordinary look.
How Long Does it Last?
◼ These nails are really thin and delicate, and their basic aim is to support your broken or brittle nails. These are suitable for those women who do not have to work too much with their hands, as the wrap is porous and can easily come off if they come in contact with water too often.

◼ These can last up to 3 weeks, as they are pretty hard and are not easy to remove, but sometimes, the nail polish may come off, which you can be easily redone at home. You can save time and money, as you don't need to visit the salon often.
Removal Process
Removing silk nail
Removing silk nail
◼ They are very easy to remove. Soak your hands in acetone solution, and they easily come off.
Removing gel nails
Removing gel nails
◼ You may need to visit the salon for the removal procedure, because you don't want to end up yanking them and causing damage to your natural nails.
Ultraviolet Light
Drying silk nails
Drying silk nails
◼ They don't require ultraviolet light for hardening process, the sheet is so thin that it can be air dried.
Drying gel nails
Drying gel nails using uv lamp
◼ UV light is mandatory because the light cures and hardens the nails; however, many researchers claim that prolonged exposure to this light may prove harmful for our skin.
Artificial nails are now available in all leading stores and salons; however you need to consider the pros and cons of each type to choose the one that suits you the best.
Natural nails, gel polish. Perfect clean manicure with zero cuticle
Natural nails, gel polish. Perfect clean manicure with zero cuticle
Nail manicure - gel nails
Nail manicure - gel nails
Denim gray blue manicure