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How to Remove Silk Wrap Nails in Fabulously Simple Ways

How to Remove Silk Wrap Nails
Though not tough as the application of silk wrap nails, their removal has to be done carefully. This article will provide you with some tips on removing these nail wraps.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Commonly used as fashion accessories, artificial nails and nail wraps are also beneficial for protecting unhealthy nails. The history of artificial nails has been traced back to China in the fourteenth century, where elite class women used to wear such accessories. It is said that Greek women used empty pistachio shells as artificial nails, during the nineteenth century.
By the latter half of the twentieth century, artificial nails got common and today, we have various types, like acrylic nails, gel nails, nail wraps made of silk, linen and fiberglass. Nowadays, silk wrap nails are among the much sought after nail accessories and are preferred to other types. This type of nail wrap is thin and flexible and offers a natural look too.
What are Silk Wrap Nails
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As the name rightly suggests, silk nail wraps are nothing but artificial nails that are made of silk. These silk nails are cut into desired shapes and are applied on the nails using a special glue. They are also buffed to make the surfaces appear smooth and shiny.
You may apply nail polish on silk wrap nails, but, it is better to avoid that, if you want to retain a natural look. These nail wraps are often used to protect cracked and brittle nails. Apart from protecting the nail, these nail wraps are found to offer them some strength too.
However, compared to the other types of nail wraps, silk wrap nails are delicate and have to be handled carefully. These nail wraps are not meant for those who expose their hands to water, on a regular basis. Even those with an active lifestyle should refrain from using such nail wraps. In such cases, the nail wraps may get loose and fall off.
Silk nail wraps are also perfect for those who want to enhance their nail length. It is also said that silk nail wraps facilitate air to reach the nail bed and so there are less chances of developing nail problems like fungal infections. If you know how to apply silk wrap nails properly, then you may opt for kits with pre-cut silk nails, glue and other materials required for the task. Otherwise, you have to approach an expert nail technician, who can apply the nail wraps perfectly.
Preparing Manicure
Silk nail wraps must be applied, maintained and removed in the proper manner. As compared to the procedure of application of these nail wraps, their removal is pretty easy. However, removal of silk wrap nails must be done properly, so as to avoid damage to the natural nails.
Silk Wrap Nail Removal
Nail wraps have to be removed with utmost care, so as to avoid any type of damage to the nail bed. It should not be lifted as such, as this may sometimes result in partial or total separation of natural nail from the nail bed.
Here are some guidelines that will help you in understanding how to remove silk wrap nails.
  • First of all, remove the nail polish on these nail wraps, if there is any. In order to remove the silk nail wraps, you need nail polish remover and cotton balls. One of the easiest methods is to pour some nail polish remover into a shallow bowl and dip your fingertips (with silk nail wraps) in it for 2-3 minutes.
  • As acetone or nail polish remover is not good for the skin as well as the nails, take out the fingers after 2-3 minutes. Wipe the nails gently with a cotton ball soaked in acetone. The nail wraps will get removed right away.
  • If the nail wraps are still attached to the nails, then once again dip the fingertips in acetone for the same amount of time. You may repeat the procedure once or twice for removing the silk wraps.
  • Once the silk wrap nails get removed, wash the hands with warm soapy water and apply moisturizer generously. Moisturizing is very important as nail polish remover can dry out the skin.
  • If you don't want to dip your fingertips in acetone, then use a bag filled with cotton balls that are soaked with acetone. All you have to do is to keep your fingertips in between these cotton balls for sometime. Another method is to tie cotton balls soaked with acetone to the fingernails with silk nail wraps.
  • As breathing acetone vapors may cause damage to the mucous membranes, you must use this chemical, in a well ventilated area. Even nerves can get damaged with this product.
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You may try this method or else approach a nail technician, who can help you in removing silk wrap nails. This task has to be done gently and properly and remember to wear a mask to avoid inhalation of acetone vapors. In case of any skin reaction to acetone, contact your doctor immediately. If you are not sure of the proper methods of application and removal of silk wrap nails, then it is always better to get it done from an expert nail technician, rather than doing it yourself.
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